Reflective Essay: My Overall Growth As A Writer

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Throughout high school, I have noticed an overall growth in my writing skills. The skills that I have learned since freshman year has helped me grow as a writer. In the beginning of Freshman year my writing had limited vocabulary, informal expressions, and it lacked proper organization. My English teacher encouraged me to use a thesaurus and to read more books to help broaden my range of vocabulary and sentence structure. Therefore, these resources helped me build a vast range of vocabulary including transition words which helped my writing flow more smoothly. Now I am able to write an essay with advanced vocabulary and proper organization. Another writing strength that is expressed throughout my writing is punctuation and varied sentence structure. By using peer editing, my friends and family help check for proper punctuation, organization and to ensure there is a variation of sentence structure. Furthermore, the writing assignment I am most proud of is my …show more content…
The area that needs the most improvement is the opening and closing. I have a hard time thinking of creative ways to begin the essay. Although, I think the closing paragraph is harder to write because it has to connect to the introduction paragraph without repeating the same thoughts. The way I try to overcome this problem is by having a teacher or a friend look over the rough draft so, they are able to suggest the area that needs improvement. Another weakness in my writing is critical thinking of a quote or evidence. Instead of providing a deeper meaning to a quote, I tend to summarize it. Also, I tend to repeat myself when attempting to analyze because I do not know what else to say. I also need to also work on properly formatting the works cited. Sometimes for assignments I get points off for having too much space in the

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