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  • Dichotomy Between Academia And Spirituality Study

    academic merit and moving beyond study into application. As Sheldrake emphasizes, maintaining a creative tension between the polarized ideas in all disciplines brings about the dialectical blend of academia and spirituality. The academic life of a university…

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  • Academic Bias In Academia

    Academic Bias Bias in academia has been going on for years; this is an issue that does not seem to have an answer but argued all the time. Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City, made a commencement speech at Harvard’s 2014 spring graduation with an unexpected message; he claims that there is Liberal academia bias on college campuses and that this issue is not allowing their students to expand their thinking. Ron Christie, a government relations expert, wrote about Bloomberg’s speech…

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  • Lessons Of Criminology By Geis And Dodge

    All too frequently, individuals come across a situation in which puzzles them about what is to be required of them, what choices they should pursue when opportunities present themselves, and what is the difference between the formal rules put in place, in comparison to the real rules, in which they are expected to do their jobs (Geis and Dodge, 2002). In Lessons of Criminology, Geis and Dodge attempt to confront these potential issues for a newcomer who is interested in pursing the life of…

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  • Intersectionality In The Academy: A Genealogical Analysis

    scholars. The purpose of this paper, then, is to trace the history of intersectionality in relation to the academy in order to consider a future that is beyond inclusion. My analysis will start with the initial connection between intersectional ideas and academic scholarship. In this section, I will outline the somewhat tumultuous understanding of the origin of intersectionality in academia. Next, I will explain how intersectionality…

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  • Church Influence On Medieval Universities

    be further understood in three acts, the era Church influence on medieval universities, the formation of a rift between academia and the Church, and a look at the importance of academic freedom in university life. A deep respect for Christian traditions, in both student life and academics, permeated medieval…

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  • Reflective Essay For Md

    management techniques and Gannt charts in particular has been a significant improvement in the management of my PhD and I suspect projects in the future. While I may have felt it was challenging to organise my work life balance, I found that new hobbies and time away from work make me more effective and ultimately allow me to produce better results. This is something I am taking away in the future. c. Professional and career management Throughout the PhD I have been looking for both continuing…

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  • Moral Distress Case Study

    as moral distress. Ganske (2010) suggests that NEs should be encouraged to recognize the symptoms associated with stressful situations, like incivility, as moral distress. The author identified a study that spoke to a divide between the college administrators’ expectations for a full classroom of nursing students versus placing only the best students in the seats (Ganske, 2010). The tuition received from these students is important to the institution, but NEs are often blamed when poor…

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  • Payment For The Party By Armstrong And Hamilton

    achievements and this influence the budget distribution to favor academic achievements. From the budget table in 2016 and 2017, academic activities are detailed, “aids for learning” are repeated. “Providing better teaching quality” lists on the top. Comparing to other goals that unclearly described in “cultivating students’ multiple skills,” learning resources are shown in detail, from the administration of student learning center to hardware renewals in classrooms to financial aids for…

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  • Importance Of Peer Review Articles To Make Tenure

    The age-old question: How many peer reviewed articles do I need to publish in order to make tenure? The answer is five. You need to publish five articles in order to make tenure. Just kidding! If only things were that simple. Just as PhD students often ask, “How long do you think my dissertation should be?” or “Do you think I have enough articles in my lit review?”, those in the tenure track often seek confirmation of that elusive number -- the quantity of journal articles needed to…

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  • Arvind Ashok Interview Essay

    to be an effective contributor. Arvind eyes brightened when I engaged him on his interests in the arts. He discussed the fluidity and range of emotion in musician Kanye West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the multitude of phases drawn out of the protagonist of Donna Tartt’s novel The Goldfinch focusing on the takeaway that art is beautiful because of the struggle leading up to the creation. Arvind wants to attend Yale because he feels that the environment will continue to…

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