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  • Future Research Tasks

    ♣ Updates given on current research activities with discussion of any barriers to study completion ♣ Discussion of future research plans and advising on specific aims and grant applications ♣ Identification of research, community, and patient research partners ♣ Review academic scholarship including manuscripts, abstracts, posters, and presentations prior to submission ♣ Review academic promotion packets for academic researchers ♣ Review promotional materials community scientists ♣ Review and advice on career moves including considerations on movement to new positions ♣ Peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching on developing sustainable CERP partnerships ♣ Guidance on ways to enrich community and patient collaborations to support not only researchers…

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  • The Importance Of Subscription Services

    services have come to dominate academic publishing. Subscription-based services used for academic purposes are commonly referred to as research databases. They are particularly useful for retrieving articles in academic journals, repositories, archives, or other group of scientific or other articles. Academic journals consist of present original research, review articles, and book reviews in different scholarly disciplines. In academic journals, new research can be introduced and critiqued, just…

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  • The Importance Of Research Journals In The Mid 20th Century

    importance of research paper.1 Presently researchers worldwide find themselves under increasing pressure to publish or perish.2 Researchers struggle to publish in international English language journals, that are included in globally respected indexes such as the PubMed.3 The pressure to publish in English-language journals has increased even for scholars in non-English medium academic environments.1 The cost of publication plays a key role in deciding publication choices of authors. Tied to…

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  • The Importance Of Fear In Research

    With any research project there is an element of fear with just hearing or reading the word Research. Why is fear associated with research? Research in itself has many different concepts. According to The Merrian Webster Dictionary Research” mean: carful or diligent search or studious inquiry or examination aimed at the discovery and interpretation of new knowledge”. To me research means to find a subject of interest, ask a few questions. What impact it will have on me, what can I learn from it…

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  • Language Development In Fragile X Syndrome

    When writing scientifically, the content of the written document should be comprehensible to the audience. For this reason, scientists and researchers tailor their work to appeal the targeted audience and achieve their goal. The beginning of any scientific writing is the formation of a scientific idea. This idea is conveyed through a grant proposal and if approved, then the experiment can be conducted. After the research is over, the experiment is relayed into a peer-review article and review…

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  • Qualitative Research Papers

    Scholarly scientific journals and peer-reviewed journals are often viewed as credible sources that other scientists or researchers make references when writing their own dissertations or research reports. However, in order to gain credibility from academia, it is essential to follow certain guidelines and organization when writing a scientific paper. From the given scientific paper, Cytotoxic Activity of Biosynthesized Gold Nanoparticles with an Extract of the Red Seaweed Corallina officinalis…

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  • Michigan Research Community

    members look to, and different types of leaders and insiders. In order to thoroughly analyze MRC and other learning communities, there are many factors to examine, including the background of learning communities and MRC, the rules of the community, the numerous topics of discussion, the communication throughout the community, the important mission statement, and the different types of leaders and insiders within the community. II. Background of MRC and Learning Communities According to the…

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  • Peer Review Reflection

    This semester has gone by in the blink of an eye. The beginning of the school year fells like yesterday and now I am getting ready for finals. When I started the class I didn’t really know what to think. English and Writing are one of my weak points. I never really looked forward to English class and it was always one of those classes that dread going to. This class was different, I remember when you said you weren’t a big grader and didn’t enjoy doing it. That puzzled me, probably since grading…

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  • Terrapin Journal

    Overview: For assignment six, I am writing a research article for the Scientific Terrapin: A UMD Undergraduate Research Journal. My research article will be looking at study abroad and participant’s experiences at the University of Maryland. The article will examine the relationship between student’s study abroad experiences and returning back to the United States. The affect on the student’s social and academic life will also be explored. Some things considered are location of study, length of…

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  • Sample Literature Review

    conclusion should a conclusion should be able to remind the reader of the topic that was studied, the scholarly literature that was used, as well as the research methods. I believe that the author does achieve this objective; however, not explicitly. Instead, the author goes on to explain the “role of intangible” and the influence of “personal philosophy” on decision making, which directly relates to the hypothesis. Additionally, Baglione states that the conclusion should be a pathway for…

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