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  • Importance Of Emmy Awards

    An Emmy Award recognizes excellence in the television industry. It corresponds to the Grammy Award for music, the Academy Award, or the Oscar for film and the Tony Award for theatre. Winning all four is referred to as the grand slam or “EGOT” coined by actor Philip Michael Thomas who said his acronym originally stood for energy, growth, opportunity and talent. Only 12 people have achieved this. Directly off the Emmy website, The Emmy Awards were conceived in 1948 and its founding fathers struggled to name the awards. Something interesting I found was that the awards were supposed to be named “Immy’s”, but was feminized as “Emmys” to match the statuette. The first award ceremony was in 1949 and the awards were given to Los Angeles area programming.…

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  • Essay On Forensic Anthropology

    to know from where someone came from, how they live and how they died, their eyes will not help because when we died they close forever, and in that moment when not even our faces are recognizable the truth about ourselves lies in our bones. People often think that our bones are not more than a part of our bodies that help us moves and live, but they are much more than that, they store every one of our experiences, when we fall or how much time we have spent wearing heals. Our bones are for a…

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  • Forensic Anthropology Research Paper

    While you’re majoring in anthropology you should also take the science elective courses: chemistry, anatomy, biology, physiology, and genetics, these courses also meet the requirements for freshman and sophomores in college. Dr. A. Midori Albert (2016), a forensic anthropologist at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington states “that a forensic anthropologist is an anthropologist first and a forensic scientist second” (“Education Required for Forensic Anthropology,” n.d.). According to…

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  • Forensic Biologist In Crime Investigation

    In scenario you determine different parts of Forensic Science such as Entomology, Odontology, Anthropology, Pathology, and the Microbiology methods to complete the crime investigation. In the test center, forensic biologists scrutinize this proof using microscopes as well as additional machinery. Introduction Forensic Biologist are used in crime scenes to determine the outcome of scene. They also use Forensic Entomology, Odontology, Anthropology, Pathology, and microbiology…

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  • Clea Koff Case Study

    interested in where people came from and may have even become interested in solving criminal cases. She grew up in our current time period so I am sure it was not impossible for her to get a job or start a career in Anthropology like it was for Caroline Bond Day. They are both strong, black female Anthropologists and it is too bad that Caroline never got recognized like Clea Koff was able to do. Clea was able to write several books about her experiences all over the world, such as: Freezing,…

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  • Rousseau On Income Inequality

    With the 2016 Presidential elections coming up right around the corner, the date of November 8th continues to flush dread into the hearts of the voters. Considering the almost equally divided voter pool and two equally disliked candidates, the nation is contemplating some of the biggest issues of present day society as a means of distinguishing between the two opposing arguments. Nevertheless, there is one issue that Secretary Hillary Clinton and Mr. Donald J. Trump agree on: income inequality…

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  • The Woman In Limbo Case Study

    The hit television series, Bones Season 1 Episode 22, followed a storyline into the disappearance of the lead player, Temperance Brennan aka “Bones” parents. Bones and her brother were abandoned by their parents when they were children (Fox Film Corporation, 2006). Over the years Bones found herself plagued with questions of what might have caused the nature of their disappearance. Did her parents simply abandon her and her brother, or where they dead? The Woman in Limbo episode brought to light…

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  • Evidence Interpretation

    role in solving cases; evidence is a one of these key elements. Many factors can determine if the evidence submitted before a court of law is accurate such as how the evidence is collected, if proper protocell was followed before the laboratory’s handling of the evidence, and if the evidences was accurately processed by the crime scene laboratory by various forensic scientists. Furthermore, with the advances in technology in today’s society, various pieces of evidence such a DNA analysis have…

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  • Forensic Anthropology

    For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with forensic science and I distinctly remember my brother and I running home from the bus stop every day, when we were in middle school, just so we would not miss the introductory scene of the new Criminal Minds episode. The show always began right at 3 and our bus got to the stop roughly around 2:55; just enough time to run home and turn it to the right channel. And as any fan of Criminal Minds knows, the beginning is the most captivating…

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  • The Importance Of Forensic Anthropology And Biology

    Over the course of years Forensic Anthropology and Biology has coincided with the criminal court system, and has had the ability to help face dangerous individuals with justice and to find these individuals guilty. Forensic Biology is defined as the application of science where the process of identifying badly decomposed, skeletal, or that of unidentified human remains is done. Forensic Anthropology is defined as the application of science that involves the physical anthropology to the criminal…

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