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  • The Reflection Of The Importance Of Accounting

    Vividly, every government has to comprehend its income, debt and inflation rate, all of which are determined by utilizing accounting concepts and skills. For that reason, this reflection paper aims at highlighting the importance of accounting as a profession, reasons for choosing it, as well as speculating its future, especially as my career. Analysis Beside provision of the much-needed outlook of a business, accounting is imperative in boosting a firm’s image through the disclosure of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Jones and Jonas (2011) revealed that many companies realize the importance of disclosing the amount spent on CSR activities in a bid to boost public relations. However, for this to happen, the accounting firms garner contracts to aid firms with the requirement. Though it is not…

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  • 1. Why Have You Selected Your Current Major?

    Identify two current skills you could improve upon to be more successful in accomplishing your career goals. Two skills I can improve upon would be time management and being fluent in my other languages. Time management is a key factor in being successful in any field, although I try and manage school, work, and social life; sometimes one of them suffers due to the lack of being able to manage time efficiently. Being able to meet deadlines will be crucial when being employed at a firm. Becoming…

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  • Overview Of The IFAC Code Of Ethics For Professional Accountants

    Where the shared resources are limited to common audit methodology or audit manuals, with no exchange of personnel or client or market information, it is unlikely that the shared resources would be considered to be significant. The same applies to a common training endeavor. Where, however, the shared resources involve the exchange of people or information, such as where staff are drawn from a shared pool, or a common technical department is created within the larger structure to provide…

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  • Accounting Major Essay

    more than 6 hours of accounting courses (and also not included in the 24 hours of accounting courses). Principles or introductory courses such as your freshman year financial accounting course will not qualify for the 48 required hours of accounting and business courses. While you must obtain 150 semester hours for licensure, anyone with 120 semester hours (including B.A.) with an accounting concentration or equivalent may sit for the exam. You must not only pass the exam after meeting the…

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  • Brand Promise Case Study

    Brand Promise Evaluation Koele Godfrey Investment Group has a clear selling point in their main tagline, “financial guidance and strategies for life.” This encompasses the purpose of the company, financial guidance, while making the connection that this relationship will be long lasting. KGIG is adamant about protecting what each client has built and will be sure to act in their best interest. They have an attorney on site, giving them an advantage over other investment firms both locally and…

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  • Deloitte Case Study

    I would like to work at one of the “big four” financial firms i.e. “Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers,” specifically, Deloitte (Anonymous A, 2015, page 5). Deloitte is a large firm; it has over “220,000 professionals” working worldwide and in 2015, had “35.2 billion dollars” in revenue (“About Deloitte,” 2015). Deloitte and the other “big four” firms have offices around the world in more than “150 territories and countries (Deloitte),” including Montreal,…

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  • Career Analysis: Sharat Gupta

    With twenty-seven years of accounting experience, Sharat Gupta was made partner at an accounting firm by the name of Ginsberg Gluzman Fage & Levitz in 2013. Accounting is an essential tool for the success of a business. It is what synthesizes and reports financial data of the business to assist in making strong decisions for its future to potentially improve its financial state. To become an accountant, an individual needs to have certain attributes and interests to succeed and advance…

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  • Accounting: A Career As A Chief Financial Assistant

    An accountant can be described as someone who reviews the financial information for a client or business. Their job is to make sure that the numbers are correct and payments are made on time. Some of the duties of an accountant are to help lower costs, create budgets, keep track of financial records, set up tax returns, make sure taxes are paid on time, and so many other tasks (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). After all of the research and talking to someone in the field I will be…

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  • The Role Of Motivation In Two Accounting Classes

    Studding in Keiser university is a great experience especially when I got campus classes. Last year I had to classes that change the way I see motivation in school. At the beginning of the year 2017 I was checking my schedule and I saw that I was going to have my first finance class after my two accounting classes. I was so enthusiastic that finally I was going to have a finances class that I really was disparaging that I was going to have two accounting class first. What I really do not expect…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: Ted Chung

    Ted Chung was employed by Karen Leary to be an accountant for Merrill Lynch. When one reads carefully this case study, he or she will note a few issues with Chung's general performance. Some of these issues can be ascribed to cultural diversity and different issues can be tied into the administration (Linda, 1996). There are a few issues that one may discover when assessing employees. Initially, a piece would assess the employee's capacity to satisfy the Company prerequisites within his or her…

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