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  • General Electric Merger Analysis

    working efficiently, many different difficulties could occur. An acquisition can be undergone for many different reasons and could result in many different outcomes. Recent Acquisitions General Electric (GE) is well known for its acquisitions. Within the last two years GE has formed acquisitions with Alstom Power and Grid and API Healthcare.…

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  • Alstom Thermal Services Case Study

    keeping a modern and an aging fleet competitive, there is an immediate need to retain and transfer knowledge within the business. A requirement therefore exists, supported by higher management, to make Alstom Thermal Services R&D a learning business unit, which can constantly innovate and makes future key decisions to the fullest extent based on the knowledge available, adapted to the changed circumstances where required, in a timely manner. The role of the Research and Development (R&D)…

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  • Production Scheduling Case Study

    Thus more specifically to the case studies: 4. What can be learnt from GBL and ALSTOM for production scheduling techniques? Hypothesis To establish the researcher’s proposal of the effective production scheduling technique would lead to the profitability and competitive advantage to the organisation a hypothesis has been planned. As per the same hypothesis the organisations who have effective production scheduling technique can gain advantage. The satisfied customer would come back for the…

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  • Kalpataru Power Transmission Case Study

    Rs.27, 281 crores. b. Growth Despite several hindrances such as : subsidized power and low productivity, shortages of industrial raw material, shortages of fuel, poor grid infrastructure, leakages and thefts in the power sector, licence policies, transmission level losses of approximately 33% the industry growth rate is pegged at 11%. c. Major Competitors There are close to fourteen competitors in the industry. Some of the major players in the Power transmission Industry are listed below.…

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  • Medupi Power Station Case Study

    In combining efforts Murray and Roberts appointed Coenie Vermaak as project director and Aveng appointed Peter Meidlinger as construction executive, and Eskom played the role of the lead consultant on the project being the Architect Engineer. With the top-level management team in place the last and most important issue was the Project Funding. The African Development Bank provided loan of R20.7, billion on November 25, 2009 that was to be used to source and install boilers and turbo generators.…

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  • The General Electric Company

    since their incorporation in 1892. A couple interesting facts about General Electric’s history is that one, it goes all the way back to Thomas Edison, who created Edison Electric Light Company in 1878, it then merged with Thomson-Houston Electric Company in 1892 which created General Electric Company8. Another is that GE is the one and only company listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Index today, that was also involved in the original index back in 18969. Strategy General Electric has many…

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  • Siemens Vision 2020 Case Study

    of Brazil was incorporated into the Siemens Group;[25] it provides industrial process optimisation, consultancy and other engineering services.[26] Also in 2001, Siemens formed joint venture Framatome with Areva SA of France by merging much of the companies' nuclear businesses. In 2002, Siemens sold some of its business activities to Kohlberg Kravis Roberts &Co.L.P. (KKR), with its metering business included in the sale package. In 2003 Siemens acquired the flow division of Danfoss and…

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  • San Francisco BART Case Study

    seating and carpet for comfort. It is also important to point out that the A2 has automatic operating equipment and feature a 2-way communications system (Bay Area Rapid Transit 2016). Pictured on the right is the B2 car. It is similar to the A2 car, except it is 70 feet long instead of 75 feet and it does not feature the operating cab found in the A2. This car can only operate in the model of a subway. Both the A2 and the B2 have a 150 horse power motor per axle, 4 motors per car. In 1995,…

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