Alternative energy

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  • Alternative Energy Alternatives

    The world has solely relied on fossil fuels to supply us energy. Alone petroleum, coal, natural gas, and oil makes up eighty-one percent of the United States of America’s energy. If the world does not push to use alternative energy, eventually completely switching to alternative energy, leaving fossil fuels in the past, we will never stop some of the environmental problems contributed with burning fossil fuels. Some of the harsh environmental problems are air pollution, water pollution, and oil spills, just to name a few. It is time to make a tremendous effect to stop the damaging consequences of the burning and use of fossil fuels. I firmly believe the United States can lead the revolution in switching to alternative energy. In order to comprehend…

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  • Renewable Energy And Alternative Energy

    push towards alternative energy. Some are still non-renewable, like nuclear energy, but are much cleaner for the atmosphere than fossil fuels, while most of them are renewable and clean. The most common renewable energies are wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydro energies. Renewable energies produced about 16.6% of the world’s energy in 2010, and this number is expected to rise by 42% of their total in the decade from 2010-2020 (Pazheri et al., 2014). Renewable energies are currently being…

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  • Alternative Energy Disadvantages

    helpful answer to global warming is to replace energy techniques with alternatives that have better performance and do not emit carbon dioxide. This is what we call alternative energy. It is estimated that by 2050, one-third of the world 's energy will need to come from solar, wind, and other renewable resources (Alternative, 2014). If we do not start taking advantage of the benefits of alternative energy, our global warming levels will rise, public health will start to decrease, and our economy…

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  • Alternative Energy Source Analysis

    Our world is depending on energy. There is a great deal of information and enthusiasm today about the development and increased production of our global energy needs from alternative energy sources. Energy is a necessity for us. Whereas due to certain factors humans have to find out alternative sources. Fossil fuel resource in our world is decreasing exponentially. In addition, there are financial and environmental problems related. We need to develop alternative energy or fuel resources. First…

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  • Alternative Energy And Renewable Energy

    James Morrison Dr. Birdsong Political Science 10/26/2014 Alternative Energy Introduction Renewable energy is also referred to as alternative energy. This is generally, power whose source does not run out. Unlike fossil fuels, it causes no pollution. The energy leaves no residues that would otherwise cause harm. Alternative energy is a common term, used to contrast this form of energy from the traditional sources of energy such as coal power and natural gas as well as oil power. The traditional…

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  • Wind Energy: Alternative Energy Sources

    A wind farm or wind power is another form of alternative energy sources just like solar, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric energy sources. Why there is an alternative energy sources like wind power, for two reasons. First reason, if we continue to use fossil fuel, the planet may be in danger and may cause carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide is increasing the planet’s temperature, which in turn will destroy us and our entire ecosystem. The second reason is we need to find energy…

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  • Alternative Energy Controversy

    research on alternative energy. Alternative energy differs from classic fuel sources (i.e. coal, shale, natural gas) because it uses natural resources that has the ability to be consistently replaced; thus it is also termed “renewable energy.” “Biofuels” are a specific class of renewable energy that refers to biomass (versus other natural resources like sunlight) or harvested metabolites from living organisms that can be converted into a source of alternative energy. In addition to being…

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  • The Benefits Of Alternative Energy

    Alternative Energy is the future. We need clean, renewable energy, since our current sources of energy are dirty and finite. Current non-renewable power sources include coal power, natural gas power, and other fossil fuels. These fuel sources create heat, which boils water and makes steam. This steam turns a turbine, which turns a generator, which makes electricity. The advantage to using these sources is that they are inexpensive. The disadvantage is that they are dirty sources of power. They…

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  • Alternative Energy Research Paper

    ALTERNATE ENERGY GENERATION REPORT: SOLAR, HYDROELECTRICITY, WIND The world is constantly revolving around energy, as the population of the earth grows; the demand for electricity significantly increases as well. As society has evolved, technology has also evolved, becoming more focused on luxurious electronic items while also emphasizing a "greener" earth in the form of alternate energy sources. While these alternate energy sources have some obvious benefits, there are also some significant…

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  • Dangers Of Alternative Energy

    years ago, man witnessed the evolution of energy that sling shot humanity into a new age. Coal rich in carbon replaced wood as the number one fuel source. The energy found in coal supplied the fore fathers with the means to manufacture steel, power steam liners, and run machinery. The world had no idea a hundred years later that its need for more energy would dramatically increase. Oil and natural gas where explored. These highly efficient energies would accompany coal as the primary fuels.…

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