The Pros And Cons Of Wind Power

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A wind farm or wind power is another form of alternative energy sources just like solar, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric energy sources. Why there is an alternative energy sources like wind power, for two reasons. First reason, if we continue to use fossil fuel, the planet may be in danger and may cause carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide is increasing the planet’s temperature, which in turn will destroy us and our entire ecosystem.
The second reason is we need to find energy sources that do not put out carbon dioxide (i.e.) fossil fuel. Fossil fuels are not renewable and are harmful to the environment. Also, fossil fuel cost goes up every day. With more and more countries investing in researching and in different energy sources
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Then there’s solar energy like wind farms as they need a large area of land. Both are growing alternative to creating new energy sources to help light climate change. These are all connected to helping control climate change and global warming, to help to create new energy and to help to stop using fossil fuel.
Wind farm or wind power has been argued that there may be health problems that occur with its use. It may be due to the noise and low frequency. The argument is that they are not likely to cause any health problems, even if there were proof they didn’t, some would still insist that there is a health problem. Wind power has been used for a source of alternative energy, just like solar energy, biomass and the many other alternatives.
Still, there will be debates on the health problems. Every renewable energy or alternative energy sources have been criticized in some way by environmental groups for being uneconomical and toxic discharges. The argument is that alternative energy sources may increase electricity rates. Create new environmental problems, as well as take over land that may be used for
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Other reasons are the abundant amount of wind that, carbon free, what we use isn’t a problem tomorrow, doesn’t need water to work, no fuel needed, not a lot of land required to put one up, land can still be used for planting and livestock, wind is everywhere can be bought or controlled, electric production can go up, technology is high speed and can be set up fast. When other countries like UK, Denmark and Germany
They are supporting clear environment investments; they want cleaner air and less dependent on fossil fuel.
We should be a leader in supporting clean air and if this with wind power than the United States needs to get started promoting renewable energy. With all the benefits that renewable energy produces there should be more efforts to at least to explore the possibilities. However, the top reason for renewable energy sources is to eliminate our dependency on other countries.
Countries that are at war with everyone, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you believe in. The United States needs to support other sources of energy. The U.S. needs to explore how to make these changes. How to make the U.S. self-efficient and rely on its own resources, explore the possibilities, produce the resources that are right in front of

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