Energy: The Pros And Cons Of Renewable Energy

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Due to the advancements in modern technology and society, there are innumerable amounts of ways to fuel and support a population efficiently. Some of these innumerable ways include fossil fuels and renewable energy. Fossil fuels are defined as a natural fuel, such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms. Renewable energy is defined as energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or solar power. Fossil fuels and renewable energy both provide energy in the form of electricity, however these different forms come at different costs. Whether those costs be environmentally or financially, both sides have their positives and negatives. We should invest in renewable resources such as wind, …show more content…
The push has to come from somewhere, and someone has stepped up to be the voice of the generation of change. That voice is William Sanford Nye, better known as Bill Nye. Most known for his science programs for children, Bill Nye actually has a new TV show called Bill Nye Saves The World on Netflix, leading viewers to witness experiments, facts, and interviews discussing climate change and renewable energy with his wide audience. Nye has led many debates and discussions about climate change, including one held in accounts with the Smithsonian. Working along with the Smithsonian, Nye discusses only the facts, saying such things as,”____”(Smithsonian). By saying this, Nye gives examples of the facts and provides explanation for why the push for renewable energy and less pollution is a noble and crucial cause. Another noble and crucial cause, led surprisingly by the second largest oil producing country in the world, Saudi Arabia, (Wikipedia), is fighting to use more solar energy progressively. The task is obviously not immediate, but Saudi does have an excess of sunlight. In an article written by The New York Times, Saudi expresses that it plans, “to build a solar farm that would generate enough electricity to power around 40,000 homes.” (From Oil To Solar). This project would be a very important step in the renewable energy cause. …show more content…
First of all, the fossil fuels industry is an insanely large industry, worth around 4.65 trillion dollars (Carbon Brief).
This is compared to the renewable energy industry, which is only worth around 1.35 trillion dollars. (Greene). If you directly compare these two industries, the fossil fuel industry trumps the renewable energy industry by a landslide. However, there cannot only be a stagnant economic sample to take from. Both industries have been rising in net worth, and renewable energy has a support behind it that fossil fuel does not; the environment. Fossil fuel activists can claim to have “clean coal,” but the facts say that coal just is not clean. Carbon dioxide emissions are just too high, and our economic future is not worth our future as a culture and species as a

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