Thesis Statement On Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

By: Amr Farouk
Teacher: Mirna Tayara

Thesis Statement:
Renewable energy is a great invention because it is cheaper and more environment-friendly than oil.
• Introduction
1. Renewable energy’s most important advantage
2. People’s most common misconception about renewable energy
3. Non-renewable energy’s most important disadvantages
• Kinds of renewable energy
1. Solar energy
2. Hydroelectric energy
3. Tidal energy
4. Hydro kinetic energy
5. Biomass energy
6. Nuclear energy
• Advantages of renewable energy
1. Renewable energy doesn’t deplete
2. The effect of renewable energy on the environment
3. The economic effect of renewable energy
• Disadvantages of renewable energy
1. Disadvantages of energy
2. Renewable
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It is the dawn of a new age with less pollutants and healthy for our new generation. There are many people that may say that renewable energy is unstable because it depends on the weather. This may be true, but there are many sources of renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, wave energy, hydrological energy, biomass energy and more (“Renewable energy and non-renewable energy resources”). If each city has them all it would be impossible to run out of energy. On the other hand non-renewable energy sources such as burning fossil fuels cause great pollution which doesn’t harm anybody except us. Furthermore, there will come a time when non-renewable energy will deplete. They also caused the problem of global warming which will cause great floods at the coasts of the …show more content…
For example renewable energy resources are a source of inexhaustible energy. Sun power, wind power, hydroelectric power, hydrokinetic energy, and geothermal energy are types of energies that can never deplete. Most renewable energy sources emit less greenhouse gases which slows down the process of global warming. We shouldn’t also forget that greenhouse gases also affect our health. It would be a healthier world if we use clean renewable energy sources. Fossil fuels do not need lots of people to process while renewable energy gave many jobs to people who were unemployed. In 2011 202,000 people were employed due to renewable energy. The amount of people who get jobs because of renewable energy is 3 times more than the amount employed by fossil fuels (“Renewable Energy”). Renewable energy technologies may be expensive but after many years their economic benefits will appear. The expensive price of renewable energy is paid once while the money spent on fossil fuels is increasing time by time. For examples remote countries who live on river sides wouldn’t have ever been able to produce electricity if not for the dams they have built. It is also known that fossil fuel’s prices are continuing to get higher. In 2000 each gallon of diesel was worth 1.629 dollars. Now in our present day it is worth 1.989 dollars (“Weekly U.S. All Grades All Formulations Retail Gasoline Prices”). The consumption of oil is also increasing. Today 1.4 million barrels

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