Fossil Fuel Argument Of Fact

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Argument of Fact
Unsustainable fossil fuels have been in controversy in the more recent years. The world’s population is constantly growing and changing with that the need for more energy grows as well. Right now, the main way to fulfill the need of these growing populations come from the use of fossil fuel. One major problem. Fossil fuel is unsustainable, and the need is overcoming the what the earth can create and produce. It is a matter of time when there is going to be a scarcity of fossil fuel. This is also putting a dent in on our ecosystems and the environment. Many counties are in the process of finding ways to produce an ecofriendly and sustainable energy. It is essential for progression, to remove the usage of fossil fuel and have other means to produce energy.
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The obvious answer would be we would if we were able too. But that is not the case since fossil fuel is a natural made substance and process which we can’t recreate. To begin it takes hundred million and millions of years to make. It’s made from decaying plants and remains of living organisms that are buried under several layers of earth. Once under so many layers of immense amount of pressure and exposure to the earths heat the decomposed remains turns it to fossil fuel. Which forms combustible geologic deposits. Due to different amount of time and temperatures make up different kinds of fossil fuel. Professor Richard Alley mentions the differences that make fossil fuel, “woody plant make coal, slimy plants algae will give oil, and both give them rise to natural gas.” (Earth) Knowing what are fossil fuels and how nature created it brought out the idea of replacing it by finding other ways to produce

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