Natural gas

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  • Natural Gas Advantages And Disadvantages

    • Use of proper biodiesel blend in the engine approved by many automakers • Fuel economy and power of biofuel is less • Currently more costly • B100 is not use in low temperatures due to converting gel Natural Gas: natural gas like methane is cleanest burning alternative fuels. It can be used in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). Application of CNG and LPG are automobile and cooking. Dedicated natural gas vehicles are designed to run on natural gas only, while bi-fuel vehicles can also run on gasoline or diesel. Advantage: Bi-fuel vehicles allow users to the wide-spread availability of gasoline or diesel but use a cleaner, more economical alternative when natural gas is available. Drawback: Since natural…

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  • Natural Gas Resources In Mozambique

    developing, resource-rich country found on the Eastern coast of Africa. Due to new and promising discoveries of natural gas sites along its coast, Mozambique has become the third largest proved natural gas reserves site in Africa, placing shortly after Nigeria and Algeria. Though the developing country only produces a relatively small volume of natural gas, around 154 billion cubic feet of natural gas as of 2012, it could become the world 's third largest exporter of liquefied natural gas within…

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  • Natural Gas Pricing Case Study

    Natural Gas Pricing Outlook Supply and demand, technological breakthroughs, severe weather, prices, law & regulation, demographic changes, geopolitical conflicts and disputes are some of the multitude of variables that changes year on year affecting the economy of natural gas sector. Natural gas is more of a volatile economy, even more volatile than crude oil mainly affected by the seasonality and natural gas inventories. Weather conditions as storms and hurricanes can force the supply side…

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  • Liquefied Natural Gas Case Analysis

    As of 2013, various Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) companies have applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to establish an LNG refinery and export center in Brownsville, Texas. Throughout the process, several citizens – as well as business entities and city councils, have voiced their opposition or support of the facility. Statement of the Problem Inadequate representation The FERC is responsible for providing public hearing meeting for each new facility application received,…

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  • Three Differences Between Natural Gas Markets


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  • Natural Gas Fracking Summary

    Academic Analysis: “Natural Gas Fracking Addresses All of Our Major Problems” In his essay, “Natural Gas Fracking Addresses All of our Major Problems,” Richard Pierce argues that drilling for natural gas by using horizontal drilling and fracturing of shale formations will solve many of our nation’s issues. He cites that our abundant supply of natural gas has the ability to improve our economy, the environment, and geopolitical conditions as well provide a constant, dependable, global energy…

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  • Liquefied Natural Gas Case Study

    higher education sector. In order for Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) to make up for the short fall there has been a major focus to build up the earned revenue business with an emphasis on the corporate world both domestically and internationally. At SAIT a tailored program for corporate clients has been a primary selling point. Due to the fact that the earned revenue business at SAIT has more flexibility with their noncredit course offerings, there are more opportunities for a…

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  • Natural Gas Fuel Case Study

    Summary of each fuel – and their strength and weakness Natural Gas Fuel (- NONRENEWABLE) 1. Propane – Uses LPG 2. CNG – Burns methane Propane engines last twice as long as conventional engines – lower maintenance. Range is 25% less than gasoline cars because of the lower energy content of fuel Performance is similar to a gasoline-powered car Natural gas fuels emit 1/3rd fewer reactive organic gases. HYDROGEN FUEL Hydrogen internal combustion engine (HFCE) produces nitrous oxides.…

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  • Economic Implications Of Natural Gas Extraction For Groundwater Supply Case Study

    Part I: Short Answer Question 1a: • What are the implications of natural gas extraction for groundwater supply? • What are the effects of extraction on air quality? • What are the potential consequences of chemicals used during extraction on human and livestock health? • What are the repercussions of long-term exposure to chemicals on crops and soil? • What are the economic implications of extraction in regard to agriculture and tourism? Question 1b: Rachel Carson’s widespread cautionary tale…

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  • The Environmental Impact Of Natural Gas And Global Warming

    However, natural gas is not a renewable or sustainable resource either. It also emits a decent amount of emissions. “Natural gas is composed primarily of methane (CH4) – a very potent greenhouse gas. During various steps of natural gas extraction, transportation, and processing, methane is released to the atmosphere” (“Natural Gas” n.d.). While most people focus on carbon dioxide when it comes to global warming and emissions, methane is actually “the second largest overall human generated…

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