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  • Economics: Differences Between Gasoline And Diesel Fuels

    Gasoline and Diesel fuels Gasoline and diesel fuels are one of those products that majority of the working class requires in the daily basis to conduct their regular daily activities. From taking their kids to daycare, or dropping the kids to school or simply driving to work. The demand for gasoline and diesel fuels is all around us. The driving fuel for our public transportation, Gasoline and diesel fuels prices are constantly adjusting to the supply and demand equilibrium. There many factors that directly contribute to these changes and the most noticeable changes are at the pump. But what actually drives the changes in prices you may ask? As supply has increased, demand also has decreased. Even though the U.S. Energy Information Administration…

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  • Summary: Similarities Between Gasoline And Diesel

    Differences Between Gasoline and Diesel Many people just go to a gas station and fill up their car with the gas they need not knowing about what actually goes into the process of making the fuel and getting there. When people see diesel whose cars do not need it, their minds instantly think “Woops, that is diesel, better not use that kind of gas in my car or else something bad could happen.” Do people really know the differences between the two fuels? Could they explain to someone who wants to…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Diesel Emissions

    the black smoke from a diesel being the unburnt fuel is actually more dense than air meaning that it just falls back down onto the earth where many of the elements come from such as elemental carbon (soot), organic hydrocarbons, sulfates, and water vapor. In conclusion, the black smoke from diesel vehicles are not what is polluting to the environment although the gasses that are not seen by the human eye are somewhat polluting to the environment. As shown in my paper diesel engines and regular…

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  • Natural Gas Essay

    • Use of proper biodiesel blend in the engine approved by many automakers • Fuel economy and power of biofuel is less • Currently more costly • B100 is not use in low temperatures due to converting gel Natural Gas: natural gas like methane is cleanest burning alternative fuels. It can be used in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). Application of CNG and LPG are automobile and cooking. Dedicated natural gas vehicles are designed to run on natural gas only,…

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  • Electric Car Environment

    argues that generally electric cars cause less or equal climate pollution than gasoline cars. To support his claim, the author analyzes data from energy databases and industry websites on pollution released by producing the cars and batteries, burning gasoline, and generating the electricity as the vehicle’s fuel, drawing a chart to vividly compare the climate impacts of all electric, plug-in hybrid and all gasoline cars. According to the chart, the author concludes that in most regions such as…

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  • Proudly Propane Ad Analysis

    heavily relied on fuel in our society would be oil/gasoline, due to its proliferation in the auto industry. In contrast, propane is a fuel with many direct alternatives (such as natural gas) and is not so heavily relied on for everyday use in society, compared relatively with oil/gasoline. Therefore, propane is a fuel of relatively low importance. Sustainability Another criteria by which a fuel can be judged is its sustainability, which the ad does not address. Sustainability for a fuel would be…

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  • Diesel Vehicles

    make a comeback for the 21st century as an alternative to gasoline, electric, and hybrid vehicles? Research shows that diesel vehicles are a viable option for twenty-first century car shoppers. Recently Volkswagen has made headlines in the news after receiving a “Notice of Violation of the Clean Air Act.” They received the first Notice of Violation…

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  • Summary: The Benefits Of Ethanol

    What many don’t actually know is that ethanol doesn’t have to be made from corn, but with cellulose, found in wood chips and more. Corn is just the most common way because nothing goes to waste. The myth that the net amount of energy required to make ethanol is more than ethanol can create was proven false in the 90’s proving that ethanol is a viable energy source. For all the tree huggers, ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline, emitting less carbon into the environment, causing less damage to the…

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  • Importance Of Air Fuel Ratio

    Whenever the lean mixture takes place at that time the quantity of air is more in the combustion chamber because of which more air is burned and in the exhaust the hydrocarbon and monoxides is emitted And when the rich mixture takes at that time more fuel and less air enter in the combustion chamber due to which fuel is burn more and air doesn’t burn properly or fully and in the exhaust time the nitro oxide is emitted Lambda ratio Lambda ratio is mainly related to the air fuel ratio in which…

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  • Negative Consequences Of Lead/Acid Battery

    pollution as compared to vehicles burning leaded gasoline (Peters, 1995). In addition to problems associated with lead pollution, lead/acid batteries also have the lowest energy density (compared to the batteries listed in Tables 1-4) because they use the largest mass of materials while offering the least amount of energy output. At 50 W· h/kg, a 25kW· h battery module would weigh 500kg (Gaines and Singh, 1996). The weight and inefficiency of the lead/acid batteries make them impractical to use…

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