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  • Overconsumption And The Destruction Of The Natural World

    Areas that have been effected by overconsumption and the conflict this has on nature and society The natural world has fallen victim to the anthropocentric ideal of evolution as the natural world has been overconsumed by society in order for global development. Cronon (1995) states that natures worth is measured and judged by civilisation, claiming that society produces a dualistic world of humans and nature being placed at opposite ends of the spectrum. This ideal is ironic seeing as development cannot be achieved without nature, and nature cannot be sustained and conserved without the protection of society. Cronon (1995) displays the false truths of society as we live in an urbanized world although beliefs are held that our natural home…

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  • Stewardship: Utilization Of The Natural World

    one of the concepts that emerged during the ancient civilizations. This was a period marked by slavery where a steward acted as a slave. During this time, a steward was held responsible for their master’s assets and was mandated to ensure safety of the owner’s property as well as the people around. Slaves did not own property; hence, their ethics entailed being committed and loyal in caring for something that belonged to someone else who had higher ranks than them (Harris, 2006; Mulvaney, 2011).…

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  • Conserving Natural Resources: A Brave New World

    several human genes have been added to the pig genome” (AATS). In the 1960s if such research and development was there, then it would easier for people to survive if anyone ever needed a transplant. In today’s world,…

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  • Romans: The Natural World

    Romans Essay The book of Romans, written by the apostle Paul, generally provides its readers with insight to God’s judgment of sin and saving mercies through Jesus Christ. In chapters one through eight Paul specifically teaches on many issues such as the righteousness of God, the unrighteousness of all people, assurance of hope, etc. This short paper addresses the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture as it relates to Romans, particularly chapters one through eight.…

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  • Science: The Study Of The Natural World

    We are expected to cover what seems like an unobtainable amount of information in such a short amount of time and produce above average to advanced results with a gamut of student learning abilities. We so often hear that we must “teach to the test”. As a creative minded person and one who teaches students to think and produce creatively, I feel that the concepts of a STEM foundation of education are ideal. A STEM education can help facilitate self-reliant innovators and inventors that are…

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  • Personal Narrative-Drowning Into Natural World

    Drowning into Natural World People think about their past, present and future every second of their life. They decide whatever is the best for themselves, and they move on with decisions they have made. The process of making that settlement is the hardest part because little do we know about our future. However, we make our own destiny by decisions we have made in the past. Walking into a trail and mountain has always helped me to think about everything widely open. In other words, I have…

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  • Fort Red Border Poem Analysis

    KiKi Petrosino’s Fort Red Border speaks volumes as both a creative outlook on the imagined relationship between the speaker, an Italian African-American and her beloved Robert Redford, an iconic American actor. With her unique perspective on the world in which she lives, Kiki takes her readers on a fantasy between the natural and unnatural, and the real and unreal; questioning the validity of everyday life. Fort Red Border also explores the ideologies behind class, ethnicity, and inheritance,…

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  • Sound In Tarkovsky's Use Of Sound

    The conception of the ancient struggle of man versus nature has been heavily warped in the modern world. From a contemporary standpoint it is difficult to think passively of the environment. In the light of the impending crisis of global warming and the changes associated with it, it is easy to think of the environment as both a victim and an agent of retribution: the continuously more common occurrences of dramatic weather and toxic surroundings serving as a condemning consequence of humanity’s…

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  • To Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire

    We live in a world divided by two spheres: the industrialized, human world and the natural world. Today, in the twenty-first century, our lives are encapsulated by machines and industry. Generally speaking, we live in an age of cement and wires and concrete. Because this seemingly indestructible barrier, it can be difficult to see how vital it is for nature to be experienced and appreciated in our everyday lives. Nature’s importance and purpose often goes unnoticed or unappreciated in our…

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  • An Analysis Of William Wordsworth's Exploration Of The Natural World

    In the boat stealing scene, readers see the alienation and exploration of the natural world previously discussed. “I went alone into a Shepherd’s boat,” says Wordsworth, establishing his solitude before any other aspect of the experience (1.82). In this scene, Wordsworth is closest to the “blessed babe” state. For this reason, he has little windows during which he comes close to encountering the Real. “Leaving behind her [the boat] still on either side / Small circles glittering idly in the moon…

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