Louie Gohmert: Chief Protecting The Environment

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Louie Gohmert was born on August 18, 1953 in Pittsburgh, Texas. Louie is currently married to his wife Kathy, and they have a total of three children together. Before getting into politics Louie graduated from Texas A&M University then shortly after graduated from Baylor University’s Law School. During his time after college Louie also served as a captain in the U.S. Army. Before being elected to Congress in 2005, held many different positions in the state of Texas. He was elected as the District Judge for three terms in Smith, Texas, and during that time gained recognition from a national stand point for some of his rulings as judge. Because of this, Governor Rick Perry appointed Mr. Gohmert to the 12th Court of Appeals to serve as a Chief …show more content…
My stance is very different from the stance of Congressman Louie Gohmert. Gohmert does not support the idea of funding for more development in the production of renewable energy. In March of 2012, Mr. Gohmert spoke in front of the Madam Speaker, with the topic being about producing American energy. During his speech he made the remark that, “When it is economically feasible and economically viable, then we’ll see things like solar power become a reality” (votesmart.org). I believe that Mr. Gohmert is wrong and the United States Government should seriously consider more funding for the development of renewable energy. Getting more renewable energy will do many great and positive things for not only this planet Earth but also the United States economy. For one it will slow down global warming because the lack of dependence on fossil fuels. Funding for more renewable energy will open up many jobs to Americans which will greatly effect the United States economy. I believe that funding programs trying to expand renewable resources is a direction that the United States Government needs to move in. Protecting this Earth is a very important issue to me as well as many other citizens of the United

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