Bo Jackson Argumentative Essay

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Bo Jackson created into everyone’s mind of what the human body is capable of. (Source 1) Jackson rushed tons of yards in football. (Source 4) He also got plenty of hits in baseball (Source 3) Back when Jackson played, he could run 40 yards in just 4.12!(Source 2) “While at McAdory High School, Jackson competed as a sprinter, hurdler, jumper, thrower, and decathlete.”(Source 1) “Jackson came to fame as a multi-talented athlete.”(Source 2) These two sentences prove just how incredible he was.

Bo Jackson was innovative because of how he came into National sports, and was an all-star at them. “In his first season, he ran a record breaking 221-yard rushing performance on Monday Night Football.” (Source 2) This just shows that a man growing up in a poor neighborhood can come in and crush the other players. Jackson was better than most people at football or baseball, even if they played only one at a time. “His family described himself as a wild boar hog.”(Source 1) His family was probably correct. He destroyed the entire league.
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In fact, he is my main inspiration. Every time I play sports, especially football, I like to be just like him. “Jackson said that he would never play for the Buccaneers if they drafted him.” (Source 1) After being lied to by the Bucs, Jackson stood his ground. Even if he is tough, he is still really nice to people. “Jackson became a popular figure for in the 1980s and 90s with his popular Bo Knows campaign.’ (Source 2) This really makes me want to be just like

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