Julius Winfield Erving: The Greatest Basketball Player

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Julius Winfield Erving III was one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He was one of the very few players that changed the game. When he played he electrified the court giving him sense power making him seem like he can do anything on the court. Dr.j went up against some of the Nba’s greatest players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Clyde Drexler and embarrassed them by dunking on them because of his ridiculous athleticism. While he was playing there was no one that could guard him. He was an unstoppable force that dominated almost every aspect of basketball.

The story of Julius erving started on February 22,1950, the day he was born. His dad left him when he was three years old and he has not seen him since. Julius started playing organized basketball at the local Salvation Army Youth Center. He traveled all over Long Island playing basketball and started building a reputation for himself. One his friends that used to play with him on the playground and the hardwood said that “ he was natural at basketball at a young age.” These words would lead to a long a prosperous career in basketball. When he was enrolled as a student at Roosevelt High School he was dominating the court. His friends started calling him the “Professor” but later changed it to the “doctor.” Julius was getting a lot
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What he did through basically both of his careers in the Nba and in the ABA is win. He is only one of the very few players in the history of basketball to say that he gave all he had each and every game. His efforts to prevail and never give up made him a great basketball player and a great man.This type of grittiness is what I want to apply to my own style of play. He has inspired me to become a person who will never give up. His efforts to prevail and never give up made him a great basketball player and a great

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