David Thompson Research Paper

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What is their family history?:

David Thompson was born on July, 7th, 1954. He was born to the parents of Vellie Thompson, and Ida thompson in Shelby, North Carolina. He grew up in the small town of Shelby, and he had somewhat of just a normal childhood. Everything was fine until he hit ten years old. When he was ten years old his father Vellie went out of his job and his family was going into debt. They had nothing paying the house for a year, and they had to think of something quick. When this happened his mother started having affairs for money to help pay off the house without his father or David knowing. At this time David was only 12, he was the star of his middle school basketball team, and he was leading them to championships. When he hit high school his father got his job back and his mother stopped her affair business, she was tired of it and her family supported her for her decisions.

Why are they famous or relevant?: David Thompson is debated as the greatest basketball player to ever play in the Acc. He won National championships, and he was drafted as the first overall pick in the 1975 NBA draft. He was a 7 time all star, and a 4 time NBA champion. He was the MVP of the NBA twice, and known as a great player.

What are the
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He was easily the Number one player in the country, for high school. David in his senior year did something that violated the NCAA laws. He was having illegal pick up games at NC state university. He ended up choosing to go to NC state, for his basketball career. He was the best player in the country at this point. He was thriving for four years at NC state. Led them to Three national championships, and One National Champion. He was the best player out there and it was shown when he was drafted for the first pick in the Nba draft of 1975. He was a 7 time MVP of the NBA and a two time MVP of the league. He won 7 NBA championships as

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