Steph Curry Research Paper

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Wardell Stephen Curry (Steph) was born March 14, 1988. He is an American professional basketball player of the Golden State Warriors National Basketball Association (NBA). Many players and people have called him the greatest shooter in NBA history. Steph played college basketball for Davidson University. Steph holds the NCAA single season record for 3 pointers made. Steph is good at other sports, he is a gifted golfer. When he is not playing sports he is spending time with his family, he has two siblings Seth and Sydel Curry. Steph’s sister Sydell plays volleyball at Elon University and Seth plays in the NBA for the Dallas Mavericks.

Steph is the greatest shooter in the NBA because he makes half court shots almost every game. He holds the record for NCAA three pointers in a single season. He scores at least 30 points or more in a single game. He can make shots from almost anywhere on the court, no one can seem to stop or slow him down. His teammates really depend on him helping them win the game. Steph won the 3 point contest in 2015. I watched the contest and he was very good.
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Steph got a chance to play golf with our President, Barack Obama. President Obama won the game because Curry probably wanted to be nice to the President. Steph was not as good as Tiger Woods, but he played well.

Stephs parents are also former athletes. His dad played for the Hornets in the NBA and his mom played college volleyball at Virginia Tech. Sydel and Seth are playing the same sports as their parents. Steph likes to play volleyball with his sister and he plays basketball with his brother when he has some free time. Steph loves his family and really enjoys hanging out with them.

Steph Curry is my favorite basketball player and he is very talented. He loves his family very much and shows it through spending time with them. I would love to one day meet him because I think he is a great

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