Benjamin Wilson: The Life Of Benjamin Wilson's Life

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Benjamin Wilson, commonly known as Benji, was not only an all American basketball star, but also the greatest basketball player to ever rise out of Chicago. Playing for Simeon, he was named the top player in the country as a junior in the ‘83-’84 season. He carried the team to the state finals his junior year and won; claiming Simeon’s first Illinois championship but would never make it to the Professional league or even college basketball, his life greatly changed the city of Chicago in more than one way. On March 18, 1967, Benjamin Wilson Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois (Ben Benji Wilson, Ben Wilson). He was raised by Benjamin Wilson Sr. and his mother, Mary Wilson. He was the third child in the Wilson family ( Wilson went …show more content…
Evanstown was a very good basketball team; they played Simeon the year before and lost in the state championship and were looking to beat Simeon. The team was devastated, of course, they lost a close friend and a teammate. Nobody honestly knew what to say. But that night, Simeon played in Wilson’s honor. Even without their all-around player and leading scorer, they stomped Evanstown 71-50. The next few games an estimated 8,000 people came to watch Simeon play; a number significantly greater than any other regular games. Soon after his death, Moore and Dixon were caught for the murder of Benjamin Wilson, and when they went to court it took less than two hours for the jurors to declare them guilty. Moore was sentenced for forty years, but only served nineteen of those years and was released on early parole. (Tragic Story of ‘Benji’).
When Benji died, he was only seventeen years old, the same age of his killer, Billy Moore (Tragic Story of ‘Benji’, Basketball Stars Slaying). Benjamin Wilson was buried near Harold Washington, the first African American Mayor of Chicago. Inscribed on his tombstone reads “Best in the Nation”. After Ben’s death, many local gangs agreed on a cease fire because even they, like everybody, were scared (“Ben “Benji” Wilson”) They had every right to be, if an innocent young man like Wilson was murdered in cold

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