Jebron Lames: The Goodpasture Christian Varsity Football Team

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TJ Harkins
Realistic Fiction Short Story


We all know the famous Jebron Lames, star small forward for the San Antonio Spurs. But did you know that back in highschool he was known as a failure for getting cut from the Goodpasture Christian Varsity Football team. Let’s look back into that hard time in his life.
It was 2008 and the Goodpasture Christian Varsity Football Team was coming off a year where they went all the way to the state semifinals. They had great players such as Keenan Reynolds, Benny Cunningham, and Jalen Ramsey. They were projected to go all the way to the Tennessee State Championship that year. As would happen to any team that had a chance of winning a state championship, there were many people who wanted to join this great team. One of these people was the great basketball player, Jebron Lames. It was his junior year of highschool, and he really wanted to be part of a state championship team other than for basketball. In his freshman and sophomore year in high school years, he led the basketball team to two state championships. Jebron silently pulled his pads on and ran onto the field. First, they tested the players with the physical aspects such as the 40 yard dash, vertical jump, bench press, and standing long jump. Jebron was ready for all these getting within the top three for all the exercises. Then, the coach yelled, “Position drills.” Jebron’s friends wished him luck and walked off to their quarterback, running back, and safety drills. Keenan Reynolds was considered the best
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In the championship game on the last play of the game, the ball was picked off when the number one receiver bobbled the pass and the cornerback took it all the way for a touchdown therefore beating Goodpasture Christian in the state championship. Jebron though, wasn’t sure whether he wanted to tryout for the football team the next season. His friends Keenan, Jalen, and Benny encouraged

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