False Positive Analysis

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A task or skill is seen as ordinary only when someone who is classified as “normal” is performing it. That same exact task or skill is then seen as extraordinary when someone who is “different” or disabled is performing it. In the article “False Positive” by Beth Haller, she claims that, “Society holds few expectations for people with disabilities - so anything they do becomes amazing”. Haller strongly believes that in today’s society a person who is disabled is set to be amazing no matter what they do, even if it is the most simple or ordinary of tasks. The film, 23 Blast, portrays that a person who is disabled is seen differently than a normal person because of his or her inabilities performing a task. A normal person’s point of view and outlook is different towards a person …show more content…
Travis’s return to the football team was a surprise to everyone. Everyone thought to themselves, “How will he able to play when he can’t even see?”. As Haller stated in her article, “One of the biggest problems the disability community faces is society's ongoing negative attitude toward disability.” (1), many people did not support Travis playing because of his blindness; no one believed in Travis being able to play the game. The school's athletic director argued that it was not safe for the rest of the football team to have Travis playing on the field. In addition, even some of Travis’s teammates did not approve of him playing on the team due to the fact that they feared it would prevent the team from winning and making it to the state championships. The one person that believed in Travis was the football coach himself, Coach Farris. The school director threatened Coach Farris with the loss of his job if Travis continued to play. Disregarding the threat, Coach Farris continued to have faith in Travis and proceeded to coach him to become a better player neglecting his

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