North Shore Knights Short Story

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The score went up by two on Friday, November 27, the home team was winning. The North Shore Knights just scored another basket. All the players went to the other side of the court, except for one. She was on the ground holding her knee trying not to cry. It was Olivia, the point guard for the North Shore Knights girls basketball team. The coach came over and asked “What hurts?” he said in the nicest way possible. She grunted and kept on holding her knee. The pain was too much. Her coach paid scrupulous attention to her leg, examining it to make sure it isn’t broken. The room was silent, hoping that she would be able to play again. She stood up and a large congregation of her teammates helped her sit on the bench, she wouldn’t be playing for a long time. When she went to school the next Monday her leg was in a cast and she had crutches. This is a great example of why some sports are too dangerous. Olivia won’t be able to play basketball for the rest of the season; if she even wants to. Are sports too dangerous for kids like Olivia? The game began with lay-ups, Olivia made every single basket. She really is the prominent point guard. She helped her teammates who were having trouble, everyone adored her. The game was starting and Olivia was the starting point guard. At the end of the first quarter the knights had two points and everyone’s face was …show more content…
According to Health Library almost one-third of the injuries in children came from sports. This makes it clear that sports are very dangerous and they cause many injuries among children. About 36 million children play sports, and if each kid has three family members that would be affected by them getting hurt that is almost 110 million people that will be affected if their loved one got hurt by playing sports that aren’t safe enough for

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