Is Wind Energy Practical?

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Is wind energy practical? To some extent wind energy is practical. It is practical in these ways . First they require little maintenance,This source of power wance it is up and running really requires little maintenance all u have to do is sit back and wait for the wind to blow also they make a lot of energy with little maintenance. This is the energy of the future no mining no hiring people to mine the coal . No hauling the coal to the power plant to burn the coal . This means the cost of the energy is less because we only have to pay a little bit to a couple people to maintain the wind turbine .

This is also a bad thing because it is taking jobs away from a lot of people .The truck drivers wouldn 't have any jobs. The miners wouldn 't have jobs and the people running the power plant would not have a job .

This is also good because there is no pollution produced by this energy being produced . No hauling with trucks means no pollution . No burning fossil fuels with means no sulfur gases being released and no carbon dioxide being released. These means
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Some days the wind won 't blow therefor no energy is produced .This is because as u all know that the wind doesn 't blow all the time. And for wind energy to be produced the wind has to be blowing enough to propell the blades on the turbine along enough to produce energy .

This is really the best reason for why the wind energy is not taken off right now . Little maintenance and high energy outputs equals the energy of the future.So these are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the all mighty wind energy. First the wind is a renewable resource with means that we will never run out of it. Also the wind is free and it is not under the ground so there is no cost to get to it. This means that there will be less cost to harness this energy. Also there are no harmful gases

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