Consequences Of Fracking

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The world is at a point in its history when it realizes it’s time for a change. That change being a move away from fossil fuels towards cleaner, renewable sources of energy. Many companies are creating ways the average individual can contribute to a cleaner future. Whether it’s by the creation of hybrid and electric cars or allowing people to install solar panels on their roofs and wind turbines in their backyards. However, these new sources of energy are far from perfect and will require years of research before methods of harnessing their powers become widespread. Until such a time a short term solution of providing and producing energy is required. That short-term solution comes through the process of hydraulic fracturing or Fracking for short. The process of fracking is becoming increasingly common …show more content…
The US Geological service claims that this is a myth although many reputable news outlets across the world continue to report otherwise.
Outside of the effects, it has on the environment, fracking is claimed to be harmful to workers. Later, in the article by Howarth and Ingraffea, it is stated that emissions created while fracking has the potential to cause cancer from high levels of exposure due to the carcinogens present. However, more in-depth research is required to substantiate the claim.
A final negative consequence of fracking is that it produces a fossil fuel. During a period when fossil fuels are being phased out due to the carbon and other chemicals that they emit, the last thing countries want is to further increase their reliance on fossil fuels. The world’s leading industrial nations have all agreed to phase out fossil fuels by the end of the century. It is argued that future investments should instead be made into furthering research in clean alternative means of energy rather than the short-term solution of fracking and other means of acquiring natural

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