Argumentative Essay On Wind Power

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Fossil fuels are the leading producer of the energy that we use. The over use of fossil fuels is leading to an abundance of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The buildup of carbon dioxide is leading to global warming however, there is something that can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas being put into our environment. Instead of using fossil fuels to provide energy we can start using wind power. Wind power is considered renewable energy because it continues to exist there is no end to wind. However, there are some negatives in the use of wind power. Before we examine the positive and negative of wind power we need a better understanding of what wind power is exactly.
Wind power today is created by wind turbines – modern-day windmills.
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It produces no air pollution or radioactive waste, and it neither dirties water nor requires water for cooling” (Pasqualetti 30). All in all using wind turbines to provide energy is greener for our environment and cheaper to produce. Although wind power is not a leading provider for electricity it does look promising. In the United States there is a potential to produce 10,777 billion kilowatts per hour annually, just over three times that total electricity produced today in the United States (Pasqualetti 30). Not only can we produce greener electricity we can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. In fact by 2030 the United States Department of Energy thinks it is possible to “eliminate 825 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions” (Humes 35). This means that we can start becoming a greener and environmentally friendly country. If the United States can successfully use wind to provide electricity than other countries will be able to also, leading to a world running on green …show more content…
Research suggest that in wind farms in California are affecting the behavior of squirrels. The noise for the wind turbines is causing the squirrels to become more skittish and run for cover this in turn effects other organism that depend on the squirrels. For example the golden eagle is a predator of the squirrels and if they are more skittish and alert that causes the eagles to have less food. Other organisms like the red-legged frog and California tiger salamander live in the squirrel’s burros and when the squirrels are spending more time in the burros the salamander and frogs are being forced to find new homes. The wind turbines affect the squirrel’s communication through sounds (Whirling Turbines Send Wildlife Diving for Cover). Wind turbines not only have the potential to negatively affect animal life but they can also affect the soil where farmers plant their

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