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  • Physics Of The Alto Saxophone

    Sheree Buchli Title: Physics of the Saxophone Investigated Summary: 1. Summary-Definition/Description of Alto Saxophone The alto saxophone is a member of the saxophone family of woodwind instruments invented by Belgium instrument designer Adolphe Sax in the 1840s and patented in 1846. 2. Aim With this paper I am discussing existing knowledge on the physics of the Alto Saxophone, in particular the creation of sound. Introduction: 1. History The Saxophone is an instrument with a single reed, finger keys, and is shaped as a conical metal tube. Four Saxophones are used commonly today; Soprano Saxophone in Bb, Alto Saxophone in Eb, Tenor Saxophone in Bb and the Baritone (Berry) Saxophone in Eb. The Saxophone was invented by…

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  • Concert Review Report Sample

    there’s a delay between sound and listening. The tone was decent. Trumpet placed their horns in front of their music stand, which does not reflect a magnificent sound. Particularly in Angels We Have Heard On High, and The First Noel, a Trumpet/Saxophone sounded very sharp, but another would sound flat. In The First Noel, an alto saxophone didn't either have enough air capacity, or was extremely nervous. In Came Upon a Midnight Clear, they didn't breath together due to miscounting. I was…

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  • Personal Narrative: Worthwhile Experiences

    historical background of the music, and then began to conduct the piece. The tempo of the piece was Larghetto, meaning very slow, and the dynamics were mezzo-forte, meaning moderately loud. Performed in D minor, with an alto saxophone solo towards the beginning of the piece, this piece was magnificent, and was definitely a great opener for the concert. The student who performed the alto saxophone solo did an exquisite job. My grandmother and I, and the rest of the audience, was blown away by the…

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  • Jazz Concert Report Essay

    by Mark Taylor. This piece was similar to “Loose Change” in the way that it was laid back and smooth, but, in contrast it had a more energetic feel to it because of its faster tempo throughout the song. The song seemed to really embody the name with its velvety effortless sound when the ensemble would come together to play the main theme of the piece. This piece also featured two soloist, one on tenor saxophone and the other on trombone. The tenor had very clear intonation and played his part…

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  • Personal Narrative: Greenville High School Tiger Pride Marching Band

    In high school, I remember where my biggest dream changed into a reality. I was a member of the Greenville High School Tiger Pride Marching Band. I played the alto saxophone. Unlike my bandmates, I did not know how to read music then. I played by ear, and whatever scale, jazz run, or chromatic I heard, I could play it back just like that. I played at numerous of black history programs and different events at school. My favorite saxophonist was Kenneth Williams, and I told myself that I want to…

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  • My Reflection On The Fresno State Concert

    It was easy to identify the individual instruments or the vocal sounds by them standing up and perform their part. This selection would be something I would like to hear again because it was a beautiful experience and I got out something from it I have never experienced before in my life. Although I was expecting something different about the decorations, my reaction towards the concert was a wonderful experience. Another interesting part that was new to me that there was one or two instruments…

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  • A Wonderful Instrument: The Saxophone

    The saxophone is a wonderful instrument. As a member of the reed and woodwind family of instruments it is usually compared to the clarinet or flute. As an instrument that could reach four octaves, there is much you can play and plenty of room for experimentation. Saxophones are normally made of brass to create their colorful, characteristic sound, but some, in the past have been made of copper, silver, bronze, and even plastic. There are four main saxophones that are commonly used which are…

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  • A Paris Concert Report

    very soft. The Great Lover reminds me of a chase scene, but it was also jazzy from the brass instruments especially the trumpets. Lonely Town: Pas de deux is smooth and calming. Every instrument blended together to create a warm feeling. Lastly, Times Square: 1944 is a very upbeat song. The notes are very fast, the tempo is jazzy, and this song has rapid dynamic changes. Furthermore, the percussion is very important to this movement, so it stands out a lot. For example, when the cymbal made a…

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  • Maxophone History

    The saxophone is still considered, and in many ways, will always be the youngest wind instrument to have a foothold in western classical music. Having been developed and patented by instrument creator and businessman Adolphe Sax in 1846, the saxophone had already missed out on much of the literature and masterworks written for other wind instruments centuries before its time. Additionally, much of the major classical musical works written for the instrument happened during its constant…

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  • Jazz: The Innovative Form Of Jazz Music

    And All That Jazz When someone mentions the word jazz most people probably picture something along the lines of a saxophone player standing on a street corner in the French quarter of New Orleans. Or a thought of the roaring 20s' and imagine your self at a party where everyone is dancing to the sound of a live band with trumpets, saxophones, and trombones. However these are actually surprisingly accurate to what jazz really is. But how did such an innovative type of music come about? Who was…

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