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  • Analysis Of Crazy Brave By Joy Harjo

    Crazy Brave is a memoir written by Native American poet and artist Joy Harjo. In this memoir Harjo recollects and evaluates a number of pivotal moments, which occur during her life, that altered her identity as well as how she saw the world around her. Many of these moments occur in the first two sections of the book entitled “East” and “West”. These moments include, but are not limited to, when she is playing with bees and is stung as a young girl, when her mother forces her to put on a shirt while playing outside with her brother, when she colors a ghost green in class, when her stepdad finds her personal diary and reads it in front of the rest of her family, as well as when her stepfather does not allow her to be involved with the school play. The moments listed represent Joy’s strife in trying to define herself as a human being. The first pivotal point that stood out to me in Crazy Brave was the story about Joy playing with bees as a child. The story opens with Harjo explaining that one day her mother went across the street to talk to a friend of hers. As her mother was talking to her friend Joy started to play with some bees in the front lawn of her neighbors house. She explains how she plays with the bees when she says, “As I played I caught bees in my hands. They became the people in my stories” (Harjo, 40). She goes on to describe the bees as a family, with a father a mother and children. She uses the term cooperative when describing the bees and states,…

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  • Suicide By Stephanie Guttenplan Analysis

    She told me at age seven it was her mother’s mother who left this world. At age eleven, it was her grandmother and best friend who passed in her arms. When she was twelve, her grandfather died and her mother broke. At fourteen, she gave up and said “fuck it.” “I thought, and still sometimes think, that death follows me around,” explained Stephanie Rachel Guttenplan. Guttenplan is a surrealist photographer, based out of New York, who continues to experiment with different uses of a variety of…

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  • Victoria's Secret Advertisements Analysis

    The Ugly Truth Behind Victoria’s Secret Advertisements Victoria’s Secret is a well-known fashion brand for women across the nation. Although they primarily sell clothing and lingerie, they’re actually selling something much more complex. They’re selling what they want their female audience to believe is the ultimate feminine image. They define felinity in many ways. They strive to convey their female customers that they should live a rich lifestyle. By doing so, they convince their customers…

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  • Character Analysis: A Walk To Remember

    A Walk to Remember is a romance story between the two main characters Landon and Jamie. The story takes place in Beaufort, North Carolina in 1958. This story is centered on a small southern town where Baptist churches play a significant role. Being considered as the bad boy of the high school, Landon’s life is in need of a quick adjustment. He decides to take a drama class in hopes of having an easy senior year. There he meets Jamie, the preacher’s daughter his friend’s scorn. Although he’s…

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  • Personal Narrative: Worthwhile Experiences

    The best thing about life is the experiences we gain as we go out and explore the world for ourselves. There are extravagant experiences that we may brag about to others, and then there are worthwhile experiences, the little, yet personal, experiences that are deeply meaningful to us that others may not enjoy the same way we do. Worthwhile experiences allow us to connect with people we may or may not know in an intimate way, and to me, these experiences need to be shared with others and not…

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  • Micah Pistillo-Personal Narrative Essay

    “ Micah Pistillo.” I never would have guessed that my name was the one that was going to be called. I was the one the judge raved about so much. I was the one who made her cry. I was the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award. Four years ago, as a seventh grader, I was sitting in the auditorium of Garfield Middle School as a participant in the Power of the Pen district competition. After the competition, I learned the benefit of trying new things and how it helps not only me, but others as well.…

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  • My Most Influential Chapter In My Life

    When asked to describe yourself what do you say? Would you say your outgoing, bubbly, have an outgoing sense of adventure? Or maybe you would tell everyone how you have twelve cats and still live in your parent’s basement, maybe you would want to leave that part out. When we are asked to tell someone about ourselves we want them to see our best sides, our greatest achievements, our proudest moments right? So why don’t we tell them the truth, what about the pain, and suffering we have gone…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Changed My Life

    When I was a kid I was Catholic. When I was a kid I was straight. When I was a kid I loved my parents without question. When I was a kid I stayed away from anything my dad didn’t like or anything my mother didn’t approve. My music taste belonged to my parents. My look belonged to my parents. I belonged to my parents. When I was a kid I didn’t know who I was, but only who my parents were. With parents like mine, it took a few tries for me to finally become my own person, with one moment in…

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  • Silencing The Night Analysis

    Hey everyone, so I guess you’re all wondering about our new entry to Story, (slight change of voice) ‘Silencing the Night’. Just in case we have any newcomers, I am the chief editor for the online publishing magazine Story. What was I saying before? Right, ‘Silencing the Night’, a gripping (emphasis on gripping) story which is unlike the other “generic” (emphasis on generic) thriller stories. After talking with the author, who has requested to remain anonymous, we discovered how she initially…

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  • Dishonesty And Religion

    I feel it 's a good basis for what society should be and strives to be but falls short. We made a mostly functioning society off of these beliefs, following laws and contracts. Although lacking are some aspects such as sharing and altruism. I feel that with some people their morality can be effected by their religion, but I strongly disagree with anyone that says without religions rules society would fall into chaos. There are always some exceptions to every rule, but the world is full of…

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