Creative Writing: Senator Donald Welt's Death

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IN THE BRIEF MOMENTS FOLLOWING HIS DEATH, Senator Donald Welt was sure of one thing, he was dead. That much he knew for certain. But there were other things he didn’t know of course. The small things, the details. Who had shot him? Why had they shot him? What was next? That final question seemed most pressing for the time being, a question he claimed to know the answer to throughout his entire political career. It’s so easy for the living to talk about death, but for the dead it was no laughing matter. It was a crowd of confusion with endless uncertainty.
It wasn’t but a few seconds before Welt found out exactly what was next. His dark world would suddenly burst open with the light of day. It was blinding at first, colors slowly faded in around the edges. Shapes could be seen among the splotches of hot white light. An
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Every mark the bullet had given him was taken away. His collar bone was no longer broken, his skin no longer punctured, and his shirt no longer ripped and bloody.
Then the second one too, vanished like the first. It removed itself from the chambers of his heart as he could feel it beat once again. The bullet was like a kind guest of his body, cleaning everything up on its way out, even straightening his tie. His heart rapidly beat blood to all parts of his body, his eyes began to see everything more clearly.
Welt looked up suddenly to the crowd before him, still fully aware of the remaining bullet in his sternum. He saw the crowd before him, all gathered around simply to see him. They waved and cheered, held banners and signs. They were all completely unaware of what was going on. Apart from the bullet in his chest Donald felt right at home. Everyone had gathered in the park in his hometown, and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful. The trees and grass proudly displayed their green. Cars lined the streets and smiles beamed from the faces all

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