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  • Wortopolis Case Study

    The relative deprivation theory can only explain crime that was committed by people who may not be as fortunate as others may. It can only explain crime that was committed by people who were relatively deprived in comparison to the standard. The social bond theory faces a limitation when it comes to establishment as a reason behind crime. The social bond theory has elements, which are difficult to establish because they are often personal. The four categories of attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief are often held internally and can only be measured when it has an impact on society through crime. It also faces a limitation when it comes to establishing why loitering rates went up. The social bond theory also cannot explain why people loitered more after the recession ended. The social bond theory and relative deprivation theory can explain the high crime, and the increasing drug trafficking, and prostitution in Wortropolis. The social inequality has led to the lack of belief in the city’s ability to help the people who are not financially stable. The inability to help the citizens has led to them feeling relatively deprived which resulted in higher in drug trafficking, prostitution and loitering rates in Wortopolis. The breakdown in belief and the relative deprivations citizens faced caused the increased in…

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  • Essay On Leadership And Communication

    Sometimes communicating electronically is not the most appropriate. I believe that my manager could work a little bit better on at least trying to come up to her employees including myself for a direct face to face once in a while, rather than emailing us half of the time. The most important thing within an organization is to have an important group of leaders and followers, that love what they do regardless of the situation. Leadership and communication no matter were you are, play a big role…

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  • Personal Narrative: Finding An Internship

    I would read medical terminology books as well as other educational material when taking a break from the packets. I didn’t get to shadow the scanners very long. Rita showed me how, and why. She then, had me enter a couple. I caught on quickly, and liked doing the scanning. I believe that scanning was my favorite of all the different job shadowing. The clerks meeting that I attended was very interesting. It consisted of leads, management, and clerks, and of course the assistant director, Mr.…

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  • Reflective Essay On Criminal Justice

    I was verbally and emotionally abused by her ex-husband, but the extent of abuse she went through is similar to the pillaging of the Vikings (sexual, emotional, verbal). The help and resources were not there for her when I was growing up, they always placed the blame on her. We could leave but a restraining order is only a piece of paper, it can be ripped. I also chose this school because I did not feel any judgement from the counselor that I spoke with through the whole process. I feel that…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Only Way To Get Rid Of Pain

    As me and Jillian were sitting in the waiting room we thought about how this whole situation was so messed up. This girl who we were about to press charges against didn’t like us because of one of the dumbest reasons. Soon we got called in one by one into the court room to tell our side of the story. When they called me I was nervous that I would mess something up. As I sat down they had me swear to tell the truth. Next they had me identify who Tiffany was by pointing at her in the court room. I…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Vegan/Vegetarian Students

    vegan/vegetarian option and tips on how to order plant-based at those that do not have that option. There are other apps that show some vegan/vegetarian restaurants such as Yelp. But as of today, Yelp provides very little information on vegan/vegetarian options as it focuses on every type of diet and when searched the popular app only provides information on completely vegan/vegetarian restaurants. While with Veg-It, we provide vegan/vegetarian information for all nearby restaurants. As of 2014,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Doodle And Simon Birch

    For example, they share a great amount of determination. This is something one can see through the fact that both work past their disabilities to walk, run, swim, and more. Simon, most likely because he is older, is able to overcome more. He is always racing and swimming with Joe or playing baseball. Doodle, on the other hand, can barely run, but even this ability is still very impressive considering he was told he would never be able to walk, let alone run. Despite that unfortunate situation,…

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  • Personal Narrative-Original Writing

    This story is particularly about that. 1996 The school bell rang loudly, bringing me back to the real world. My nose was stuck in a book and I tried to start reading again. "Hmm...look at her. Nerd." Someone grunted. I looked up and saw Jacob Stewart and his "henchmen" Joey Bradshaw and Carl Timms. They bullied me since preschool. I scowled and continued reading, trying to ignore them. "Freak," Jacob muttered. I already knew I was different. All the girls that were juniors like me were busty…

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  • How Does Consumerism Affect Society

    identity(Twitchell 179). How does this affect the way individuals behave? For individuals as well as consumers, it is important that they live in an economy that’s able to satisfy their wants. Once the needs on the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, for instance shelter and food, are satisfied the needs higher up, achievement, status, and personal growth, become more and more important(McKevitt 147). That 's when advertisements come into play. Advertisements are created to persuade…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Positive Outlook Of Life

    where she goes but it’s not going to be here! She barked all night and kept everyone up. And I know you don’t want to be here, so why are you still here?! You and your dog are causing problems in this house!” With nothing else to say, I took my dog and left. When I started really analyzing my life was at that moment. Why was I trying to hold on so long to something that made my outlook awful? I was not sure where to go, knowing that my dad had already left for thanksgiving elsewhere. I called a…

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