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  • Palmetto Brewing Company Case Study

    in Charleston since Prohibition, taking its name from the original Palmetto Brewery that operated in historic downtown Charleston from before the Civil War until sometime after the turn of the 20th century (Falkenstein, 2015). According to the Brewers Association, the term “microbrewery” is defined as a brewery that produces less than 15,000 barrels (17,600 hectoliters) of beer per year with 75 percent or more of its beer sold off-site (Brewers Association, 2015). Palmetto Brewery’s 6000 square foot production facility and warehouse is currently located on the Upper Peninsula in downtown Charleston. They employ 6 full-time and 2 part-time employees and currently produce approximately ¬¬¬¬¬10,000 barrels of beer per year packaged in both kegs and bottles. The brewery primarily focuses on the production of their four year-round beers: a Pale Ale, an Amber Ale, a Lager, and an Espresso Porter. They also produce a mixture of seasonal and experimental craft…

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  • Craft Brewing Case Study

    Critical Issues and Recommendations “Craft Beer” Feel While BBC has reaped tremendous success in the market place as the creator of the craft beer segment, there are those that believe that the company is too large and too well known to be referred to as a “craft” beer. Millennials craving for offerings that are organic, local, authentic, cool, and new aren’t getting what they want from the Samuel Adams brand and have started to turn their back on the company (Crouch, Wasted: How the Craft-Beer…

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  • Ten Hour: A Short Story

    This seems to work. However, everyone on the road is a powder keg and James realize there is a sea of powder kegs waiting to explode all around this family. James though young in age decides to continue on with small talk, but something worst happens. Politics has been brought up. John says, “Wow I really like this guy he is going to change our country I going to vote for him I think.” Lucy says, “ how can you even stand him he is awful and wont fulfill his promises” “ You don’t know anything…

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  • Get The Keg Out Of The Frat House Analysis

    When considering the history of Greek life, a clear transition can be detected. Institutions called fraternities, arriving to colleges in the mid 19th century, were established in order for students to expand their curriculum beyond the boundaries of their current one. Along with their primary goal, principles of brotherhood and honor emerged as lifelong relationships formed between group members. However, with the introduction of the chapter house in the 1890s, academics lost its prominence in…

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  • Rocket-Blast Case Study

    This reduction in total cost is caused mainly by the lower detention fees that Salt Lake Kegs charges. On the other hand if the syrup carrier is changed from Midwest 3PL for Great Plains 3PL, the total cost to transport syrup will increase by $61.48 per trailer. Based on the information described above changing the Keg supplier could be a solution if the company wants to reduce detention fees because the total transportation cost for the company would be lower. The company should remain with the…

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  • Agent Powell: A Short Story

    . . but only briefly. I expected some new stuff even, like the newfangled things coming out of Silicon Valley everyday—we’re in the digital age . . . or better the computer age. I think . . . ah, I must get used to it. Or the march of science will kick up dust in my eyes,” Agent Powell said. “No need to.” Roger said cryptically. “This KEG could make us gods. We humans could know everything one day, but the KEG is still in the developmental stage, mind you . . . er . . . a work in progress. But…

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  • Marketing Mix: Porto Brewing Company

    Year one will consist of “ramp up” with no appreciable sales – the bulk of shipments will occur in year two. • One keg equals 0.586738827 hectoliters of beer. • One keg equals 152.6 – 33 cl bottles of beer. • One hectoliter equals 303.03 - 33cl bottles of beer. Demand was calculated in the following manner: • 100 Restaurant Accounts x 0.5 (Keg/Week) x 50 (Weeks Open/Year) = 25 (Kegs/Restaurant/Year) • 5 Retail Accounts x 3000 (Bottles/Year) = 500 (6-Pack/Year/Account) = 15,000…

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  • Contract Law Essay

    Omolola Fasayo Student Number 17231794 Words: 1500 LW118 Contract Law Problem Question Assignment Qu 1. Facts: Peig and Sarah entered a contract with Galway Bay Brewery. Galway Bay Brewery agreed to supply 100 kegs of beer a month for 6 months in exchange for €24,000. After a month Galway Bay Brewery because of broken machinery was only able to supply 60 kegs to which Peig and Sarah agreed to. After three months Peig and Sarah asked Galway Bay Brewery to supply the original 100 kegs per…

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  • How Did Nationalism Cause Ww1

    Nationalism (M.A.I.N.), Nationalism was the most influential which is shown through a series of events: The forming of Germany, The Balkan Powder Keg, and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. The first indirect cause of World War I which involves nationalism would be the overall formation of Germany. Nationalism spread throughout German-speaking areas and people fought to free land from the French rule (document I). This was due to the Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck, who annexed the northern…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Vietnam War

    When I woke up, I still had that guilty feeling in my stomach. Oh well, how could I fix what I did anyways? While I was thinking about my problem, Cush came by and told me it was time to get my mules ready, so we could deliver supplies to the Yankees. Later on, we got ordered to form into a wagon train and we soon started our journey. After traveling for some time, we arrived at a warehouse, where we had to pick up our supplies. Cush and I had the duty of carrying the kegs of powder, which was…

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