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  • Personal Narrative: A Short Story: Waiting For Me?

    "Wait for me?" "No." "Come on give me like 2 more minutes," I pleaded, running around my house like a crazy woman. "Fine," Regina said, rolling her eyes and plopping down on my couch. Ok I just needed to find the perfect shoes to go with my dress... I went to my room and looked under my bed for my plain black flats. Since I was going to a party, I was trying to avoid my feet hurting from heels. "Got it!" I yelled from my room and walked to the living room where Regina was now standing. "One million years later you 're ready, what a miracle," Regina said clapping and I shook my head. "Because of you, we 're going to be late to the party" "Gina chill, you can never be late to a party where people won 't even notice. This is a carrington party, everyone would probably be too drunk to even notice..." "Ugh whatever, come on if we don 't hurry, all the hotties will already have a girl to hit on," Regina said, causing me quickly pick up my purse and keys from the table. I opened the door as Regina followed and after locking the door, we started walking to the party. Brad Carrington 's house was only a few blocks away from my house and this wasn 't exactly my first time going there. I forgot the exact address so I guessed the party was where I could hear the loud music blasting from blocks away. After 5 minutes we arrived there and Gina and I looked at each other. "Try not to get wasted like last time, I don 't feel like dragging you all the way home again," Regina…

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  • Krystal: A Fictional Narrative

    I reach my hand out, groaning into my pillow as I press the snooze on my alarm clock for what must be the hundredth time this morning. “Honey, you need to walk up or you may be late now do we?” She says in this cheery voice that always makes me happier. “Okay mom. I’m getting up.” I say, and finally roll out of bed. While getting ready, I can’t but feel a little excited to see my best friend, Krystal, for no reason. Krystal should have been named Sunny because She was always cheerful and…

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  • Kelly Clarkson Eating Disorders Essay

    The next day the director gave the role to a prettier, thinner girl, that did not have as much talent as she did. So that cut her deep and some of her grades went down from that scene in her life. Kelly thought that if she came back lean and more beautiful she would get the part. But it did not work like that she ended up being bulimic for half a year. Thankfully, the married mom-to-be is now proud of her curves! The 25-year-old songstress said she struggled with the disease until her friends…

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  • Personal Narrative: Come On, Talk To Me

    “Come on, talk to me.” I said this as I lovingly ran both of my hands over his arm. He reclined on our bed with a stoic gaze. “Maybe it wasn’t true. Maybe I was just imagining it all. Maybe everything was fine.” I thought. “One thing I know about both of us is that we’ve always been able to communicate.” I could feel each hair on his arm standing on end as my fingertips grazed his forearm and finally rested at his wrist. “It’s really not a big deal,” I said. But it was a huge deal. “You…

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  • A Parent's Mistake: Because Of You By Kelly Clarkson

    A Parent’s Mistake: Kelly Clarkson “Because of You” Every child deserves to grow up with the commitment of two loving parents. The despairing truth reveals that not every child is blessed with the guidance of respectful guardians. Kelly Clarkson acknowledges the hardship of not having a stable family life as a younger girl and the continuing effects that follow her into her own family life. In the video “Because of You”, Kelly presents the allegation that a parent’s attitude towards their…

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  • People Like Us Kelly Clarkson Essay

    Blair Daly and is performed by Kelly Clarkson. The lyrics focus on acceptance and inclusion towards a population that struggles with realizing that there are places in society where they will be accepted and included. The music video portrays Clarkson as one of many scientists examining a young girl whose demeanor appears to be different from theirs. The scientists are shown in black and white, while the young girl is shown in color. Through the lyrics and the images in the music video, the…

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  • Transcendentalism In The Song 'Raise Your Glass' By Kelly Clarkson

    “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. This song shows transcendentalism because after being down for some times, she finally tries to look at the positive things of her loneliness. When she finds it she feels happy. “Raise Your Glass” by Pink. This song shows transcendentalism because no matter who you are whether you are an outcast, you should be proud of who you are. This song shows stereotypes, body image issues, and racial stereotyping. “We Are Who We Are” by Little Mix. There is a lyric in this…

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  • Good Ethos: Honesty Or Trustful?

    Throughout our lifetime, many people strive to be respected and honored in their own rights within their social class and their society. Therefore, in order to be respected one must be respectful, credible, trustworthy as well as honest. Hence, these traits form the core principal of what is known as good ethos. Ethos, clarified and explained by a famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle; is one of the vital elements of communication and speaking. Thus, one of the essential purposes of ethos is to…

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  • Rear Window Film Techniques

    Rear Window tells the story of a wheelchair-ridden L.B. “Jeff” Jefferies, a photographer who broke his leg while trying to get the perfect photo. While recovering, he watches his neighbors lives unfold from his back window through binoculars and his camera lens. He soon suspects that one of his neighbors, Lars Thorwald, murdered his own wife. He sets out to solve the case with the help of his fiancee and nurse, and discovers the stories of the other tenants around him while procuring evidence…

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  • Censorship And Dystopian Movies

    People who are left out from what is praised or who purposely remove themselves from it, become outsiders, which is not something people want because of our natural fear of rejection. The funny thing is that whether you are an outsider or not, someone/something will not accept you. A lot of us can relate to being outsiders or feeling as if we do not belong. High school is a hard epoch in a person’s life because there is always that longing of wanting to be accepted by someone or a group. A…

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