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  • Kelp Observation

    The animal I observe is living in an ecosystem that is made up of plants and other animals. It is living in an kelp ecosystem. The animal has other organisms living with it in the kelp ecosystem. It has fish and kelp and some sharks. The fish gets food from the kelp. It also uses the kelp to hide in. It also chased off some smaller fish from it’s own territory. When the fish was hiding, it was interacting with the kelp and not interacting with other fish. Also, all ecosystems must have a biological community. It is where two or more groups of species interact with two or more other species. This shows that it is a biological community. The fish had more of it’s species and it was interacting with other species. The environment of the ecosystem…

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  • Essay On Keolp

    What is kelp. ROBOT Kelp is a underwater seaweed that are very large in size they belong to the brown algae in the order Laminariales.Kelp grows in shallow under water forests, there are about 30 different kinds of kelp. What causes kelp to wash on shore.ROBOT Kelp washes on shore because in winter when storms arrive it causes wave actions and that cause the kelp to set apart from seafloor and wash on shore. How do you catch kelp that is deep in the water To catch kelp that is deep water,…

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  • Keystone Species Essay

    The kelp forest is operated in a top-down trophic interaction. The sea urchins feast on the kelp if not kept in check by predation they can overgraze the forests and cause loss of habitation for fish and their young. With sea otters being able to forage on the sea urchins they reduce the chances of overgrazing. This is important because of all the habitation the kelp forests supply; they produce a habitat in the whole water column from the top to the bottom where the kelp is rooted. There is a…

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  • Sea Otter Research Paper

    Species predator” Sea Otters help maintain health and balance within all ecosystems by keeping in check the populations of urchins and similar invertebrates as well (Krebs, 2008). Urchins feed on kelp and can cause destruction of many kelp forests, but with Sea Otters as a natural predator to Sea Urchins, kelp forests are allowed to fully develop. These kelp forests provide a suitable habitat for many other marine life such as fish, seals, birds, and much more. However, if Sea Urchins were…

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  • The Missing Sea Otters

    According to the article “Search for the Missing Sea Otters: An Ecological Detective Story” by Mary E. Allen and Mark L. Kuhlmann, the sea otter population has been decreasing at a rapid pace since the 1990’s in Aleutian, Alaska. This is demonstrated by article “What Could be the Cause of Decreasing Otter Numbers” which states that in 1997, the decline of the sea otter population had increased to about 90%. They hypothesize that the decrease in the sea otter population has been caused by their…

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  • Common Bottlenose Dolphins

    It looks like seaweed or algae. When in a large group, they can look like an underwater forest where fish and marine mammals hide from predators. Giant Kelp is like normal kelp, but grows much quicker and is very tall; Giant Kelp grows up from 100 to 175 ft. Scientific Name: Macrocystis pyrifera Poison Oak: Anatomy: Poison Oak has sets of 3 leaves going up the branch. These are called leaflets. The leaves themselves have alternate side veins going through it. The leaves look like oak tree…

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  • Boston Harbor Case Study

    4c.) Kelp grows in cool water conditions. If the sun continues to heat the water, the water will become warm and kelp will not be able to grow. Unfortunately, it will take longer for the sun to reach the bottom of the ocean. Dayton, Paul K. "Ecology of kelp communities." Annual review of ecology and Systematics 16.1 (1985): 215-245. 5a.) Over time, carbon dioxide increased at a steady rate. The increase shows the air mixed with carbon dioxide that was created by fossil fuels. 5b.) The…

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  • Sea Otters Research Paper

    Enhydra lutris, commonly known as sea otter, is the second smallest marine mammal that lives in shallow coastal waters of the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean. Sea otters are often found in areas with protection from the most severe ocean winds, such as rocky coastlines, thick kelp forests, and barrier reefs. They are considered a keystone species because they are crucial to the health of the nearshore marine ecosystem. Because sea otters eat sea urchins, which are herbivores that feed…

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  • Physical Characteristics Of Sea Otters

    reproduce and sea otters give birth and not lay eggs o Males mature sexually after 5-6 years and females sexually mature after 3 years o Mating Behaviors: The male otter swim around the female in a form of courtship behavior, if the female accepts the male they then roll and play around briefly. The pair will then separate themselves from their group (called Rafts) to mate.  Gestation Period[1]: 4-12 Months and is given birth in the water with only a litter size of a single sea otter,…

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  • Sea Otters Essay

    amazing keystone species are the sea otter and the American alligator. Sea otters are a keystone species in the Pacific Northwest and the marine ecosystems found along California’s shoreline. Sea otters are a very important species in their given habitat because they maintain the health and stability of the waters they swim in. These small mammals are predators that feast on grazing invertebrate like sea urchins. Sea urchins and other invertebrate feed on giant kelp ecosystems near the shores.…

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