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  • Short Story Of Jerilor

    Niena was abandoned on the doorstep of the Svastra temple before her first birthday. She barely remembered her parents; they were dark, shadowy ghosts, flickers of partial recognition in the back of her consciousness. After all, in Apitus, the capital had a luxurious temple, full of women who all prayed to the old gods, the gods of air, land, and sea, the slumbering, powerful beings that could destroy just as they could create. At the time, Niena sensed a comforting essence about the place, a security she could hardly describe, and so complied with her fate completely. All Svastra prayed for the kings and queens, the peasants, those who gave them supplies or gold. In Jerilor, there was a state of tradition and age-old practice, unlike the new, heathen nations that praised the betrayers of the gods. The false “Saints” were not saints, they once sought to destroy the real gods, and failed, banishing them instead. The foolishness of this new, impure religion made Niena sick to her stomach; if only the corrupted Heathens knew about banishment. Although, all things banished could come back. Elegant Niena felt content to be within the temple walls, for she was not an orphan at all when within the Temple; her numerous sisters had protected her, taught her, enlightened her. Shown her the ancient ways of prayer, belief, and power. They wore earrings and necklaces of heavy gold and glittering jewels, sparkling prophets isolated in a land of heresy. She was no lowly peasant; no pathetic…

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  • Barbie Doll Vs Joe Action Figure Analysis

    what is expected from them and the underlying rules that are now explicitly spelled out for them. Ken dolls are what people picture when imagining a rich white young man. Whenever Ken dolls are paired with a Barbie doll in a career package, they are the ones with the higher position. For example, in a the field of health, Ken is the doctor while Barbie is the nurse that is holding a baby. This exemplifies the glass escalator and the glass ceiling because if Ken was the nurse, he would be more…

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  • Analysis Of Barbie Doll By Marge Piercy

    In Marge Piercy’s narrative poem, “Barbie Doll”, the story of a young girl is told from the viewpoint of an outside speaker watching her grow up around the norms of society and ultimately ends her life because of it. Throughout each stanza, a new important piece of information is expressed to the readers to contribute to both the theme and tone of the poem. Piercy is able to cultivate the idea that inward beauty is not valued in today’s society, and that artificial perfection can only be…

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  • Barbie Doll Research Paper

    Valeria Lukyanova could pass for a living Barbie doll; however, when you think about Barbie, Ken follows closely behind. Barbie and Ken may be the very first love story (between dolls, that is). Although there are several men who have gone under the knife to resemble this iconic doll, the most recognized human Ken doll is probably Justin Jedlica. THE NICKNAME ‘HUMAN KEN DOLL’ – COMPLIMENTS OF 20/20 During an interview for OWN’s series, Where Are They Now? Jedlica opens up about how he came to…

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  • Barbie: The Perfect Role Model

    also nostalgic for me personally. I never asked for anything else, every christmas, every birthday, the only thing on my list were those dolls. Every young kid has their favorite toy or doll. When I was younger, my favorite thing was Barbie. For almost every holiday and birthday, I got something that had to do with her. There was the Barbie dream-house, the mini bright pink VolksWagon car, I even had a Barbie scooter; not to mention the box of at least ten barbies, including Ken. I was born in…

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  • Nurse Ratched Leadership Analysis

    Nurse Ratched epitomizes an authoritarian leader with her superiority, and inability to collaborate with the other members of the ward. In attempt to assert her control over McMurphy, Nurse Ratched reminds him that, “‘You're committed, you realize. You are... under the jurisdiction of me... the staff." She's holding up a fist, all those red-orange fingernails burning into her palm. "Under jurisdiction and control—" (125). When threatened by McMurphy, she forces him to “realize” that he is…

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  • My Role At Stonewall

    I In my current role at Stonewall, I have grown personally and professionally. As a key member of the Empowerment team and I continuously contribute creatively to the teams existing and pending projects. As the Alumni Relations Officer, I can develop the alumni’s relations strategy and have the right enthusiasm and passion for harnessing the alumni potential. Stonewall’s key behaviours have shaped how I behave at work and I bring these to life throughout my role. The invaluable skills I have…

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  • Absurdity In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Essay

    The Importance of Absurdity Our capacity to differentiate right from wrong in this world makes up a large part of who we are. Whenever we criticize the aspects of our lives, we assert ourselves, our ideas, and everything we have experienced and endured. Our ability to hold the world up to our standards lends us a feeling of power and control over our lives, giving us our pride and credibility as individuals, but when it is taken away from us, it renders us feeble, fearful, and helpless to…

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  • Coach Carter Character Analysis

    This high school is located in a very poor area where no one expects greatness from any of the students. Until one day when a new coach takes over for the boys’ basketball team, the Oilers. Coach Ken Carter is very serious about this new job and he takes on the responsibility of this team with only four wins on their previous season. He holds the boys to a very high standard: they have to sign a contract that states that they will get above a 2.3 GPA, they will get progress reports from their…

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  • Theme Of Power In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    Throughout history, conflicts arise over various issues. Some of which include power and status. Whether it be people abusing, manipulating, or gaining power there are always darker alternative motives. In this case, a prime example of power being used unjustly can be found in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Where society is based on the oppressor, the Combine consistently keeps the people restrained, resulting in conflict among the two. Chief Bromden’s schizophrenic episodes…

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