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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Relationship With My Dad

    I decided to write about my relationship with my dad in this post because Father’s Day just passed and because I’ve already made a post about the incredible bond I have with my dad. In that post I mentioned that he was away in Korea when I was born and I didn’t get to see him until I was 7 months old. My mother, who was only 22 at the time, had a lot of responsibility taking care of the three of us who were all under 3 years old. When my dad came home he took over the caregiving duties for me completely because he wanted to make sure he bonded with me. There was a solid attachment built between the two of us at that time that has been tested over time but never frayed. When I was 18 my dad decided to leave my mother. I was so heart broken and depressed that my boyfriend of two years dumped me. It was awful. As soon as the divorce was final and without telling me my father married another woman, Gloria, who he expected me to just bond with immediately. I felt so lost, confused and just a little bit angry with him. It’s been 32 years and I’ve barely gotten to know Gloria. She has only allowed me to come to their house 3 times. There was a process that unfolded that is much too long to go into here but it ended up that my dad and Gloria would have both my sister and brother over to their house for the holidays but I was never invited. I did my best to not be hurt but it was hard when I called their house and said, “Hi Gloria, it’s Pamela, is my dad there?” Only to have her…

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  • Perplexing Coding Picture Analysis

    Perplexing Coding This picture symbolizes my AP Computer Science class because in this class, I had to come up with different types of codes, like the one shown, to write and format. I chose this image because once I entered this class I knew that coding was exactly what it appeared to be. Complicated. Most of my class was filled with seniors so the first few months I struggled to learn the material that they already knew. When Mr. Ellich asked questions like what does “string” mean in coding,…

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  • How To Manage Your Classroom

    I think I have learned so much from this experience about the needs of students when they are in second grade. I saw how the students were given more independent time during this grade level then lower levels. I also noticed that they are still young enough that they need to be redirected and helped through projects. I believe by watching Mrs. Belles conduct her class in this way made me realize that I really like second grade. I think the one thing that stuck with me the most is how Mrs.Belles…

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  • Anonymous Meeting Observation

    Homecoming. At this meeting there were not a lot of people that showed up, there was seven people including myself. Within this group there was mostly males and two females that were present. The ages of the people in the group were mostly older like their late 40s and 50s, but there were to gentlemen present that were in their earlier twenties. During the meeting they started off by going around the table and introducing one another. In the introduction they said their name and then stated…

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  • First Act: A Love Story

    First act The story starts when a boy named Michael gets asked out his by his classmate Julia at the end of their senior year in highschool. They know nothing really about each other except the basics like what 's your name, how old are you, and other smaller things. Michael accepts seeing as shes cute and other than that why not. As the weeks progress at first they are still very reserved and distant from each other but they slowly begin to steadily get closer to one another. Now their past…

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  • Examples Of Influence Essay

    Influence Matters: Becoming Who We Are “Be careful what you say and do, you never know who is watching you!” "Be careful who you look up to, you will begin to mimic their actions and attitudes!" We all have had someone say these words to us throughout our lives, but sometimes we wonder if it is true. Does influence truly have an impact on me? Is there really anyone that is watching me and looking up to me? Whether we realize it or not, influence plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Others…

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  • Percy V. Morris Summary

    Percy V. Morris Walker Percy and Errol Morris’s perception on photography could be considered similar but yet they are very different as well. Both of these authors believe something is lost when dealing with photographs or certain scenarios in general. They both have the proof and evidence to back up their theory as well as examples to which their theory applies to. But on the other hand both of these authors do indeed have differences, they have multiple stylistic differences. Percy…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Being Pregnant

    Being pregnant in school, this is one of the experiences I am currently still going through. It’s been a crazy emotional roller coaster for me, especially being young and still living at home. When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t know what to do. I was scared to tell the father of my baby, but more terrified to tell my parents. I had plans for my future that did not involve having a baby. This is my experience of being in school and pregnant. First I thought it was just the flu, but this…

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  • Narrative Essay On Faith And Beliefs

    From the time I was born, I was raised in a Christian home, we went to church every Sunday morning. We all ate dinner at and table together as a family and prayed before we ate. I did not fully understand the concept of my faith when I was a child. I knew there was a heaven where God was, and then there was hell where the devil resided. The good people went to heaven when they died and the bad when to hell. As I got older I understood my faith and beliefs a little more, and I did my best to be a…

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  • Wilson Construction Company Case Study

    Peng, Chen MGMT 3720 Assignment #1 Walt Henderson is a draftsman in Wilson Construction Company. One day he was working on his personal project during company time and caught by his supervisor, Ken Hardy. Walt believes he has right to work on his personal project as long as he has completed all his work. However, Ken doesn’t agree with that because he believes workers are not allowed to do their personal project during company time based on the company rules. Then they had an argument about…

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