The First Act Sparknotes

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First act

The story starts when a boy named Michael gets asked out his by his classmate Julia at the end of their senior year in highschool. They know nothing really about each other except the basics like what 's your name, how old are you, and other smaller things. Michael accepts seeing as shes cute and other than that why not. As the weeks progress at first they are still very reserved and distant from each other but they slowly begin to steadily get closer to one another. Now their past the first wall of introduction and moved up higher in the social bubble that is dating and begin to go on more dates like miniature golf, the movies, walks in the park, all while getting bit by bit more physical too. They have a fun time together and
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Michael and Julian decide that they will be able to make it work. They video chat and see each other twice a week and are happy that it 's working out the way they wanted it to. Days go by and Michael and Julia begin to make the small mistakes that tend to happen in these situations. They forget to text each other one day or another day one of them completely forgot about their plans to hang out and instead they were focused on school. Michael and Julia go through fight after fight which usually ends with both of them hurt but also just glad that they got through it together and just want to forget it happened. More weeks fly by and they begin to hang out with their friends and focus on school and hobbies so much so, that they sometimes forget the thought of each …show more content…
They go to the mall and other places to have a good time and end up at the park. The whole day Michael is having a good time but can 't seem to completely enjoy himself the way he use to. The two of them end up sitting at a bench and julia begins to talk about what her and her friends experienced while Michael is listening to her but is mostly spaced out looking at his hands. Julia asks what 's wrong and he replies that it 's nothing which she calls BS because he 's been very out of it today and doesn 't seem like he even wants to really be here. Michael then says “fine you want to know? Lately it just doesn 't feel the same you and me aren 't the same. I remember when we started college we used to text and see each other all the time like we promised but lately...” Julia looks at michael who is avoiding eye contact and replies with “ But lately? Spit it out what are you saying” michael says “lately we been avoiding each other not all the time on purpose but subconsciously as well, we 've been drifting” Michael and julia continue to have these emotionally deep conversations until the truth slips, they fell out of love. Michael says that he thought he was in love in the beginning like all people in relationships are but because he had time away he was able to realize that he was just in love with the idea of being in love. Julia at the same time also confesses that over

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