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  • Descriptive Essay About The Party

    It was around nine at night and I was preparing for the party. By prepare, I mean utterly destroy my hair with an ample amount of hairspray. I wore jeans that weren 't too tight or too baggy and a decent red/black plaid shirt. If my mom has taught me anything, it 's definitely fashion and style. The goal is to completely alter your appearance, to the point where you barely even recognize yourself. Since my hair was awful, as usual, I decided to wear a beanie. Suddenly, I heard a honk from my driveway. It sounded like a dying whale, but I instantly knew that it was Luca and that he 'd arrived so that we could go to the party. Relying on other people to give you a ride sucked balls, but not nearly as much as Taylor Swift, because damn. I exited the house, making sure that my phone was in my pocket and that the doors were all locked, just in case Red Riding Hood had plans to come to my house and steal my porridge, that little son of a bitch. Technically, it would be a daughter of a bitch, since she 's a girl, but oh who gives a shit? I groaned when I saw that Luca was still driving that hideous fifty-something year old car. I always made fun of him for it and he 'd get immensely upset and defensive over it. He claimed that it had "sentimental" value, what 's up with that? I hopped in, saying, "Aye bitch." Luca didn 't look like he was in the mood for any games. He let out a sigh before starting the engine and responding with, "Hey cunt." Luca wasn 't much of a party…

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  • Extra Gum Advertising Analysis

    In contemporary America, young adults are infatuated with the classic love story. Whether it is Twilight or The Notebook, romantic movies and novels have become increasingly more popular and continue to be successful in the young adult market in America. Wrigley’s “Give extra, get extra” campaign for Extra gum, whose brand strategy is about making meaningful connections, addresses this captivation with love stories among America’s youth in their most recent ad. The ad, which is titled “The Story…

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  • King Lear: Deception Between Children And Their Parents

    Deception in Family Relationships The relationship between children and their parents is complicated. There tends to be a love and hate relationship that starts to form as children grow older. When children begin to age and do things that they should not so, often ties they are punished by their parents. This creates the hate portion of the relationship because children hate to be punished by their parents. There is still the underlining feeling of love that they have for them, but at the same…

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  • Land Of The Free-Personal Narrative

    This new place is so strange. The space is so tight; it’s damp and cold. The smell is strong cross between the smell of the oil of the ship and body odor of my fellow shipmates. The sound is almost complete silence besides a few whispers, among families. This path though sure is very uncertain. The scent and motion of the sea rocking the boat makes me a bit sick to my stomach. No one knows what’s next for him or her in this “Land of the Free”. This feeling of uncertainty began for us many months…

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  • Eye Contact In Public Places Analysis

    “the look which the eyes manifest, no matter what kind of eyes they are, is a pure reference to myself.” – Sartre Naturally, people find eye contact with strangers quite confronting and therefore do anything they can to try and avoid it. In order to avoid eye contact with people in public situations such as being on a bus, people will often look straight ahead at the back of the bus, towards the ground or even out the window. It is interesting to explore the reasons behind why people find eye…

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  • Personal Essay: Rocket Power And Buying My Frosted Flakes

    My father started to come home later each night. First it was eight, then eleven, midnight, and eventually I wouldn’t even see him until the next morning. I would call him to see where he was, and the response I would get was “I have one more customer I need to sell a car to, I’ll be home soon. I love you, baby girl.” And of course I believed him and went about my business. But at that moment I didn’t realize that soon would mean the next day when I’m watching Rocket Power and eating my Frosted…

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  • Creative Writing: Eulogy For Emily

    Mother, forgive me for making you wait so long for another letter. I fear I am still very tired from the accident with the bridge. Not to worry, though, I am getting better. I must ask you, once again mother, please let me down from the pedestal you have placed me on. While I am flattered by all your more than kind words, I implore you to cease the sweet-talking. I am not worthy of most of your compliments, for no one is truly as perfect as you claim I am. People might think lowly of me if all…

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  • Mina Harker's Diary Analysis

    Mina Harker’s Diary 6 November. -- It has been ten years since Quincey Morris died, but I still dream of that frightful day. The nightmares are a nightly occurrence these past weeks. Every time I close my eyes, I see the red glowing eyes of the Count watching me. Jonathan tells me I wake him up screaming about bats and blood, but I have no memory of these events. Jonathan Harker’s Journal 10 November, midnight. -- Mina wakes around this time nightly; however, when confronted, she has no…

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  • Objectives Of Kohler Marketing

    Marketing Objectives Kohler’s large presence in the faucet industry creates an opportunity to bring new and innovative products to market. Kohlers mission, “At the core of Kohler Styles change. But some things should never be altered, like our commitment to bold innovation and gracious living.” (“Mission,” n.d.). Guided by their core values, Kohler is pushing the industry forward with the introduction of the Hygieia. Goals • Increase target market awareness through social media, advertising,…

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  • Why Is Love Stronger Than Gravity

    Review Essay “Gravity they say you can’t fight it. Well, I disagree. what if love was stronger than gravity?” (2012) The movie Upside down written and directed by Juan Solana’s. Juan Solana dose an outstanding job at telling a classic love story between two lovers from opposite worlds while giving it a strange yet appealing twist. This PG-13 dramatic romance was released in 2012 and was viewed and loved by many. Actors Kristen Dunset (Playing Eden) and Jim Sturgess (Playing Adam) come from very…

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