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  • My Life Changing Experience: A Narrative Fiction

    I met Carl in the hanger the following day with a full, happy stomach. Sally had slipped me another fruit and nut bar with my oatmeal. The sugar in the fruit must have given me a high because I felt myself smiling. I was disappointed I didn’t see Evan at breakfast, but when the thought that I would be his wife tomorrow popped up it almost made me giddy. Carl was his usual horrible self. He barked at me to move the compartments again. It took me most of the day to move them all, but it was Carl’s taunts the whole time that infuriated me. “You seem to do better when you’re angry,” he sneered at me when I moved the last one and let it fall down with a deep echoing crash. “You’ve proven that you can move objects, but now it’s time to see if you have the skill to move a live object. Let’s see if you can do better this time at lifting the cow.” A security guard was pulling a cow down the ramp into the hanger when he spoke. “First,” Carl said, “We will eat.” Another security guard appeared at the door with a tray of food. This was a first. Usually Carl made me starve through the day. He sent away the two guards leaving us once again alone in the hangar. The cow’s mooing was the only sound as we ate silently. By the end of the night I was able to lift the cow steadily in the air— as long as the cow was calm that is, which was rare. It didn’t like to be suddenly hoisted up into thin air. Once it started moving on its own free will it became too difficult to hold. I set it…

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  • Essay On Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment English has been a very beneficial and productive class for me. I have been helpful. Throughout the second semester we’ve written paper about three big papers and I’ll be talking about my experience in writing those papers. Starting with my narrative from the first semester all the way to the last paper the multigenre, Dual Enrollment has prepared me for college and it’s safe to say that I am ready. I’m thankful that this class has showed me an insight of how a college class…

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  • Summary Of Desiree's Baby By Kate Chopin

    Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin. In 1893, this short story was published as “The Father of Desiree’s Baby” in a magazine. Madame Valmonde and Monsieur adopted Desiree for the reason she was found abandoned when she was just a little girl. As she grew older, she found the love of her life, Armand as they had so much love for one another. They had a child, and as soon as they had the baby, the relationship turned out to be bitter and complicated. After a few months passed, Armand and Desiree…

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  • Domino Monologue

    Moments later, the doors slam open. Footsteps sound in our direction, but Alfonso and I haven't broken eye contact. I wish he'd just make his decision to kill me or not. When a hand is placed on my back and an arm drapes over my chest, Alfonso and I both look at stranger. I blink several times this time. I find a very similar face to Alfonso's. Same red hair and green eyes, just the opposite sex. Jenny has come for me. She gives me a brief smile before she uses her arms to hug my head and I…

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  • The Importance Of Leadership

    I believe that I have the power to make radical positive change in the world; this mentality is not something I have always had though. Growing up, I experienced several frustrating time periods when I felt like all my dreams to make an impact were discouraged by some of the people around me. My preference in leading is to only step up to lead when no one else steps up. As a result, there have been many times throughout my life that I have not stepped up because I have not felt particularly…

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  • Nicholas Sparks Writing Style Analysis

    reader. For Nicholas Sparks, his writing style has to be very liberal and flexible because if it was not like that then he would only create similar novels. It is essential that he is able to manipulate his own writing style. The main thing that affects the writing style as said before is the theme of the novel; that is what sets the mood for the writing style. Apparently the theme is very important for Nicholas Sparks ' writing because that is what causes a remarkable difference between the…

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  • Alpha Of The Lup Oameni Wolf, By Jaelin Wiess

    My hands were red in the cold. It seeped over from my fingertips to my palms and then to the back of my hands. The brown color became near nonexistent. I needed to get out of the cold and home before dark. My steps were tentative. Much like a baby deer taking its first steps, I skidded across the ice and snow. Tentative movements would make me slower, but ultimately safe. I just needed to get home by seven and I would be safe. I wouldn 't say I was superstitious, but nana 's old tales of the…

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  • Symbolism In Mrs. Mallard's The Story Of An Hour

    Symbolism is something or an object that represents someone or something, it’s important to some people. To people the symbolism and signs that represent things are the key to their happiness. When someone dies or is gone, they get or use a symbol to appear as a butterfly, tiger, or any animal or sign to appear as that person. Irony is something when you don’t expect the expected. For example, in the short story of “The Story of an Hour” when Mrs. Mallard realizes that she is free and walks…

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  • Planning Process

    The process of planning is a five step process in which each step builds upon the other. Some with try and eliminate one of the steps in the process which leads to a disaster and only makes difficult situations even more difficult. The five aspects of planning consist of the following requirements,resources,response, research and reality. A good plan starts with two different concerns that must addressed and then applied to all five aspects of the planning process. The first concern that must…

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  • Essay About Khaliyah

    For this project I chose to do it on a close friend of mine. Her name is Khaliyah. We have known each other for three years and talk almost every week. I gathered information for this project from her and friends we share. She has been through a lot in her life and I think she can really benefit from this project. She has a disability and is questioning a lot of things. She wonders if she will ever get to live out her dreams. She is a strong person and I want to show her that she is and that she…

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