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  • Purple Eye Colors

    Are purple eyes just legends? Research show that eye color is determined by the amount of melanin in the iris and the scattering light in someone's eyes. Research also shows that there are different counts of people developing purple eyes after birth. A study on Alexandria's Genesis shows that it is a very rare color in the eye's of almost all women only. So is it true? Many people do not believe that it is real because of all the outrageous effects that it has on some people who have acquired this rare eye color. One of these weird outlandish effects is that their skin is very fair, but never tans or burns. They also don't develop any hair on their body except on their eyebrows, eyelashes, or hair that grows on their head. They also possess…

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  • Color In The Bluest Eye

    The Color of Misperception Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye is an exceptional piece of literature that explores the African-American community and the American society as a whole. The setting of the novel dates back to 1941 in the town of Lorain, Ohio, and Claudia MacTeer tells the story as an adult. She interacts with a character named Pecola Breedlove, an African-American girl who longs to have blonde hair and blue eyes just like Shirley Temple. It is her belief that if she were to become…

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  • Essay On Physical Attraction

    Starbucks employees were observed over a period of about 2.5 hours. One individual was female and the other individual was a male, both individuals appeared to be between the ages of 20-25. The observer was a concealed observer. Interviews were conducted using convenient sampling and snowball sampling. Interviews were conducted in the city of San Gabriel, California State University Cal Poly Pomona, and the University of California, Irvine to willing participant. In each location interviewees…

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  • The Giver Symbolism

    and characters, and supported the theme, in her novel The Giver. In the book the themes were the importance of memories, feelings and individualism, These aspects of the book were supported by symbols such as the color red, the sled and snow hill, and pale eyes. One theme that was reflected by in the story was the importance of memories. In this story, everybody in the whole society hasn’t experienced certain parts of a normal life, which also…

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  • The Axe Effect Advertisement: The Axe Effect

    The Axe Effect advertisement, created by the Axe corporation, takes place in a dark and light contrasted locker room. The lockers are navy blue color. One of the lockers are open at the bottom. There is a man with a towel around his waist in front of the lockers. His body is half skinny and half obese. He seems to be spraying Axe deodorant on his body.The skinny man is very handsome and it can be inquired just from the context of the picture that the obese man is not as appealing as the skinny…

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  • Imperfections In The Bluest Eye

    Imperfections Does the color of our skin reflect who we are? Does it change the way people see us and our character? Yes it does, if you are black you are seen as predator someone searching for trouble,if you are white you 're seen as someone who judges blacks based on the color of their skin and not the contents of their character.Many believe that now living in the time period of the 2000’s that racism is over, but it 's not over. When we are judged we feel hurt, but we feel more hurt when…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Heritable And Recessive Gene

    people with these genes. Without genes we will all look the same so rather i think that genes aren’t important they are very important. Heritable/Genetic traits are very important to us because these are the genes that we get from our parents. A Heritable trait is the genes that we get from our parents this determines our eye color, color of our hair, and what colored skin we are. A genetic trait is a trait that we get from what we see trending today like a fashion trend, the brands that we…

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  • Reflective Essay: Hadraniel's Fallen Angels

    was the reason he’s behaved the way he has of late. She is no longer a problem, I expect to see a difference.” He made eye contact with Lucifer as he said this, and hate burned brightly inside of the angel. “The way he…

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  • Positive And Negative Essay: What Is Designer Babies?

    Designer babies Knowledge is power of a person that always comes with ideas or information for positive or negative. What is Designer Babies? “Designer Babies whose genetic makeup has been selected in order to eradicate a particular defect, or to ensure that a particular gene is present” (Oxford dictionary). The intelligence of science that has power of human to choose the sex, hair color, and even character of their children, and to create wonderful human’s that seem perfect. “Scientific…

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  • Family In The Bluest Eye

    In the novel The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, Morrison begins the novel by illustrating what an ideal family looks like. The ideal family has a cute and pretty house with two happy and loving parents with a happy daughter who plays all day. As the novel progresses we learn that the Breedlove’s, a black family living in 1941, do not have the characteristics of an ideal family. The father is an abusive alcoholic, the mother is an optimist trying to keep her family together, and Pecola is a…

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