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  • Narrative Essay About Freaks

    band. As I was stuffing my hat into my backpack, I saw Hazel. Hazel was the kind of person that was always bright and cheery. Always wearing bright colors and making other people laugh. She was a troublemaker and almost never followed the rules, she had green eyes the color of spring. Her hair was a deep chocolate color,and, of course, today her outfit was no different. She was just wearing a hood today. I ran towards her yelling her name. My best friend turned to look at me, and I stopped short. Flowing out from her hood, was hair so blonde, it looked white. Apparently she had dyed it. Hey.…

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  • Narrative Essay About A Baby Girl

    On February 13th at around 6 in the morning when she was born Jen was with me. For, Jen is all I really had left. They handed me the small delicate newborn baby girl, and I cried. I cried tears of joy. Never in all my life did I ever see a more beautiful baby girl. She had dark brownish-black thick hair. It seemed to be a mix of Aiden’s hair color and my hair color. She had my nose but everything else was a spitting image of Aiden. She doesn’t realize how lucky she really is yet to be blessed…

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  • My Soul Essay

    Four years have passed since I gave him my soul. He came to me today with a box. This box was odd. The odd thing was it was colored, these colors were like a void in space in time. I couldn 't keep my eyes off the box. The colors of the box moved like a wave the colors came in shades of blue, pink, and purple. Maybe my curiosity will kill me. Before I could open my mouth to ask my curious questions he started to talk in a hushed voice. "Elizabeth I know four years ago we made a deal, but now…

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  • A Client Case Study Of A 54 Year Older Women

    Client Introduction JL is a 54 year old women with a Caucasian decent, she was put into the system at age 5 where she was in and out of different foster homes. She was finally put into the system here at the DCLS program about 35 years ago. She comes to Scott Road Connections everyday through the entire year. She is 5’4’’ and weighs 145lbs. She has blue eyes, short brown hair, and is fair skinned. JL’s hobbies consist of going for walks, doing puzzles, dancing, shopping and bowling. She…

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  • Jane Elliot's A Class Divided

    throughout the day points out the flaws that the brown-eyed children have and enlist the blue-eyed children to back her up and give her examples of the deficiencies that they carry out throughout their behavior. One of the shocking things is how quickly and easily the blue-eyed children slip into the roles of bully, informer and bigot. One child suggests that Elliott should keep the yardstick close by so that she can deal with unruly brown-eyed kids. Some children call others “brown eyes” in a…

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  • 5 Fun Gacts About Penguins: Five Fun Facts About Penguins

    The backside of a penguin blends in with the water when you look at it from above. This helps them disguise themselves from predators. Penguins have black, orange, or yellow bills. They also have black, orange, or yellow feet. Emperor penguins have yellow patches on either side of their head. King penguins have orange patches on either side of their heads. Adélie penguins have white rings around their eyes. Gentoo penguins have white eyelids. Chinstrap penguins have black strap around head.…

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  • Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye: Racism And Self Worth

    Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye: Racism and Self Worth Ever since the beginning of American history, race has played a role on how people view themselves, whites being the higher value versus blacks. In Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye, Morrison unveils the values of the social community and how white standards affect how African-Americans value themselves. The life of Pecola Breedlove depicts how the social pedestal can make a 12 year old black girl feel unloved, and ultimately corrupt her…

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  • Short Story: Sairim: Lustella's Descent

    Sairim: Lustella 's Descent The night shimmered with golden orbs that slowly pulsated to a silent beat, thin tendrils flowing slightly behind their light. Amethyst and sapphire hues painted the sky above, the colors reflected by the dual moons parallel from one another, both casting their own dim glow. A gentle breeze caressed the soft, bright emerald grass, sharing the scent of the dew-covered blades with the world. Running water trickled against the rocks in a nearby stream, bringing balance…

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  • Self Discrimination In The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison

    Different from many other writings of American literature that discuss the periods of deep racism that took place, The Bluest Eye written by Toni Morrison, does not become involved directly with those events, instead, it focuses on exploring the remaining effects of race through self-hatred. Many characters from the novel who are African American are devastated with the cultural and already imposed notions of white perfection to the limit that they hate themselves for not being up to society`s…

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  • Misrepresentation In Film Essay

    lead to watching the film to be an inferior experience to reading the book. The first reason why films pale in comparison to reading the book is the alterations of details. Whenever I go to my friend Nairi’s house we usually watch her favorite movies, the Harry Potter series. I have not read any of the novels while she, on the other hand, has caressed the pages of all seven books countless times. When we sit and watch the film, Nairi communicates her displeasure with details of scenes or…

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