The Axe Effect Advertisement: The Axe Effect

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The Axe Effect advertisement, created by the Axe corporation, takes place in a dark and light contrasted locker room. The lockers are navy blue color. One of the lockers are open at the bottom. There is a man with a towel around his waist in front of the lockers. His body is half skinny and half obese. He seems to be spraying Axe deodorant on his body.The skinny man is very handsome and it can be inquired just from the context of the picture that the obese man is not as appealing as the skinny man. The Axe corporation is trying to convey a message through strategic metaphorical symbols in this advertisement. The advertisers’ intentions were to catch the attention of the reader and send a message through these symbols, but at the same time trying …show more content…
It is also strategically being sprayed on the model’s chest, tis being so that the consumer’s eyes will immediately resort to looking at the model’s chest which is essentially a symbol of masculinity. The second part of the interpretation of this ad is is that there is strategy to playing the words “the Axe effect” in big letters at the bottom of the ad. The most meaningful word there is effect. It gives off the idea that the product will bring tremendous positive change to one’s body. However, the scent of the product is not what’s changing the attractiveness of the model but rather changing the model’s outlook. The phrases itself emphasizes masculinity. This is meant to catch the attention of the target audience which are teenage males. They are the ones that go through a very big change throughout their growth period. There are time where one does not like a body feature thus, having the desire to change or improve. The creators of this ad exploit this natural human trait of insecurity and use it to sell their product. The message here is that Axe will improve its user’s outlook and attractiveness. Ergo, it is important to understand the effects of advertisements and how they use desire and artificial thoughts and ideas to sell their

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