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  • Gaze Eye Contact

    Eye Contact: The Power of The Gaze Whilst engaging in social communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, eyes play a crucial role in expressing and identifying certain focus points and attention cues among humans. Direct and prolonged eye contact is more common during communication in European American and Arab cultures, while Latin American, Japanese, and African cultures perceive direct eye contact as an insult (Weiten, 2012). This research paper will entail research wholly from American and European American culture where eye contact is not an insult, but rather a medium used to gauge other humans’ mental and emotional states during communication. According to Weiten, who cited the research efforts of Vida & Maurer, the ability in humans…

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  • Eye Contact In Public Places Analysis

    “the look which the eyes manifest, no matter what kind of eyes they are, is a pure reference to myself.” – Sartre Naturally, people find eye contact with strangers quite confronting and therefore do anything they can to try and avoid it. In order to avoid eye contact with people in public situations such as being on a bus, people will often look straight ahead at the back of the bus, towards the ground or even out the window. It is interesting to explore the reasons behind why people find eye…

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  • Determining The Impact Of The Use Of Contact Lens And Glasses On Eye

    The impact of the use of contact lenses and glasses on eye Background : The contact lenses and glasses of modern techniques that help to improve the range of visions. But these techniques are not without side effects and multiple damage. The problem of the study: that the use of lenses and glasses may lead to various health damage such as: Corneal scars , redness , itching and others. The aim of study is to describe the resulting from the use of contact lenses and glasses among students…

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  • Why Do Men Make Less Eye Contact Than Women

    Eye Contact: Men and Women Do men make more or less eye contact then women? For my hypothesis I would say men make less eye contact then women from my observations in past experiences. Women make the most eye contact from also my past experiences. Men tend to drift off more. Women tend to keep steady contact to keep importance of the conversation. Men get distracted easier which makes it harder to focus into the eyes. Women pay close attention because their eyes show more emotion…

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  • Inseparable Movie Analysis

    In the first scene that the wife hugs her husband from the back can tell that she worries and loves her husband and this gesture can work as word substituting of love and care. In the scene that the doctor gives him the paper, he takes off his glasses for a while, this can tell that he worries or he prepares himself before he reads the paper and its function is to substitute the words because he chooses to take off his glasses not to speak a word that he is worried about the result. Moreover in…

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  • Reflection On A Speaker's Credibility

    For the brief presentation, nonverbal behaviors are very crucial in adding to one’s speaker credibility. One of the factors to establish one’s credibility is whether if the person seem confident in the information being relayed. In the presentation, I looked like I knew what I was talking about and knowledgeable about the information I was giving because I did not need to read from the power point, nor did I make many vocal interferences to stop to think what to say. I also made a lot of eye…

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  • Non-Verbal Communication

    Facial expression is the movement of the eyes, nose, mouth and brows which reveals the emotional state of what someone is feeling. A professional is able to guess the thoughts and feelings of service user by their facial expressions. An example of where facial expressions are used is when a service user is seeing a therapist. The service users facial expressions will help the therapist determine what emotional state their patient is in without the patient actually telling them. The therapist…

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  • Chronemics: What´s Tactile Communication?

    accident, now looking back to ittold what my interpretation on that accident is nowadays. While doing it, I referred back to some parts of the story; such as ? And then, I ended up my speech mentioning the quote: “There is something good in all seeming failures. You are not to see that now. Time will reveal it. Be patient.” Facial expression is one of the eight major forms of Nonverbal Communication. It includes smiling, frowning, eye rolling, making eye contact, scowling, and appearing bored…

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  • Nonverbal Communication Challenges Essay

    talking about what kind of nonverbal communication challenges I find in my communication experience. I will also discuss the challenges. I will be telling how I plan on improving these behaviors and tendencies. I will explain how I experience these challenges. I picked eye-contact, tone of voice, and facial expressions. I wanted to explain how I can changes these three challenges that I picked. When it comes down to eye-contact, tone of voice, and facial expressions I barely do not do that…

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  • Different Kinds Of Interpersonal Communication

    sides and it builds some kind of relationship or bond between them for example, friends and family. I have also progressed in nonverbal communication, which is a kind of communication doesn’t include talking or words instead it’s about body language. Nonverbal communication can be important, than verbal communication, it include facial expressions, the tone, the pitch of your voice, our gestures, and body language. I believe our facial expressions, tone, voice, and body language show what…

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