Importance Of Clothing For A Professional Interview

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Assignment One-FAM332-Professional Presence-Leslie Bateaste
1.) Clothing for the professional interview (male & female) such as slacks, suits, dresses, jackets, etc.

Professional interview attire needs to be appropriate for each career setting. A rule of thumb for the female gender is that you cannot go wrong with a two piece suit. A pants suit with a coordinated blouse is a great option. However, if you decide to wear a dress or a skirt; make sure the length is appropriate for a formal interview. While in a sitting position, remember you should not be able to see a person’s thigh and you should feel comfortable in your attire. Men are advised to wear a solid colored suit, preferably with a long sleeve solid shirt underneath. Both men and
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Generally, men that wear ties should choose a solid color or one with minimal patterns. Men and women who wear socks should avoid white socks and make sure the skin is not visible. It is recommended for individuals to wear dark socks and women to wear neutral hosiery. Women and men should wear comfortable closed toe shoes, preferably of a darker shade. Men are advised to wear leather-like dress shoes and women to wear a basic pump or a flat professional looking shoe. A rule of thumb is to stick with the basics, colors black & blue are acceptable, and avoid extreme selections at all costs.

4.) Grooming techniques appropriate for the interview (male and female) such as hair styles, facial hair, nails, perfume and cologne, etc.

For hair and nails, remember keep it simple and avoid being a distraction (less is more). Hair should be kept clean, neat, and polished at all times. Nails should be of appropriate working length, clean, and if polished use neutral colors or clear for a selection. If you decide to wear makeup, remember to keep it natural and do not go overboard. Women should avoid outrageous hair accessories and are suggested to pull their hair back, preferably in a low ponytail. Men should keep their hair neatly groomed and keep long hair out of their face. Beards and mustaches should be neatly trimmed and presentable for a formal interview. Regarding perfume and cologne minimize the amount

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