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Dual Enrollment English has been a very beneficial and productive class for me. I have been helpful. Throughout the second semester we’ve written paper about three big papers and I’ll be talking about my experience in writing those papers. Starting with my narrative from the first semester all the way to the last paper the multigenre, Dual Enrollment has prepared me for college and it’s safe to say that I am ready. I’m thankful that this class has showed me an insight of how a college class operates. My goal with Dual Enrollment English was to simply become a better and get a decent grade on all of my papers but as the year went by I realized that it takes effort in producing a well-written essay. My objectives changed and I realized that
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Eventually I figured out everything that I needed to do and go to work. It wasn’t a difficult paper but it needed time and no room for procrastination. A huge portion of the paper revolved around research and the grade was going to depend on how you used your time. I did a survey in which I was very proud of because it turned out just how I expected it. The nultigenre was a fun paper and I’m looking forward to creating another one in the future.
My high school career has come to an end and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m going off to Shenandoah University and I’m looking forward to starting anew. I will forever be thankful to
Dual Enrollment English because it exists and all of it has taught me. It has taught me to be patient with my writing and that procrastination will only affect my grade in a poor manner. I’ve learned that research is everything because it extends your paper so the reader can get a better understanding. I’ve achieved great things in English and I’m happy I decided to take this class because I wouldn’t have received everything that I know now. Seeking help, asking questions, doing an infinite amount of research, and using my time wisely is what I’ve learned and

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