Reflective Essay On College Success

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”(Winston Churchill). College has been the learning experience of a lifetime. Each class contains something special for each student. Sometimes a course may stand out to others than most. College can be overwhelming at first because you are adjusting to different expectations and rules. Once a person figures out a balance to their studies, anything seems possible. This college preparedness course has changed my perspective and attitude on college. I was not confident in beginning a new school year, especially because of all the stories told in high school to scare students. Now, I have embraced new strategies for success because of what I have learned so far in this course. …show more content…
Those who crave it, must work hard. Many assignments and exams start to increase, eventually, becoming more than most can handle. When school work becomes overwhelming, it becomes difficult to balance a social life, or even a career. For me, I began using weekly and monthly calendars as tools to keep track of all important events and due dates. In this class I have learned a key factor to my success is time management. My time is consumed by my education and work life. I started using a weekly calendar to schedule my work days and figure out what days will be dedicated to each class and a time frame for each event. In my monthly calendar I could see my entire month planned out, so I would find days for time to myself or to socialize with family and friends. Before college, my life was all about socializing and my high school education. I did not have to concern myself with scheduling so often. College has shown me a key factor contributing to success is time management. Without developing this skill, I would be lost and my stress levels would be exceedingly

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