Personal Narrative: My Journey Through ENG 110

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My Journey Through ENG 110
I have just completed my first semester at Virginia State University (VSU), and I don’t believe I have ever been anymore ecstatic, , Over the course of this semester I personally realized my growth. I have learned more than I thought I would in one semester, not only through my professors but, also through my peers and the environment that surround me on this campus. Virginia State has been my number school of choice since I was a junior in high school, so when I got accepted I was in pure disbelief. Ever since I could recall English had always been a strength for me, I had taken numerous English courses, college prep and English honors. This semester has revealed to me that English only gets tougher from high school to college. In my ENG 110 class, I have made a substantial amount of progress that I believe will benefit me in the semesters to come.
Initially, entering the ENG 110 course I thought it would be quite simple. During high school my English grades were always a B+ or higher. My first paper was a paper about my name which I scored an A on, this made me confident that I would be able to complete the course
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I am more than capable of turning my C’s into B’s and my B’s into A’s, and with a little bit of hard work and determination I will soon get there. In addition, the writing that I have completed this semester will help me with my anticipated major because, it will help me become a better writer and eventually a better speaker as well. I believe that it will allow me to pursue my dreams as a social worker because, in this field you must constantly be writing notes and an evaluating individuals and their environment. There are continuous assessments and paper work that must be completed. Therefore, this course will prepare me as I move more into my

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