My Journey Through Eng 110

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My Journey Through ENG 110
I have just completed my first semester at Virginia State University (VSU), and I don’t believe I have ever been anymore ecstatic, , Over the course of this semester I personally realized my growth. I have learned more than I thought I would in one semester, not only through my professors but, also through my peers and the environment that surround me on this campus. Virginia State has been my number school of choice since I was a junior in high school, so when I got accepted I was in pure disbelief. Ever since I could recall English had always been a strength for me, I had taken numerous English courses, college prep and English honors. This semester has revealed to me that English only gets tougher from high school
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During high school my English grades were always a B+ or higher. My first paper was a paper about my name which I scored an A on, this made me confident that I would be able to complete the course without much hesitation. However, the next few assigned papers such as, my narrative and compare and contrast papers seemed to decrease by an entire letter grade, I began scoring C+/B- on just about every paper, a C+ or better is what the professors required we score in order to get our papers approved for our portfolios. Although, I have had my downfalls I was able to familiarize myself with the criteria that Mr. Westbrook was looking for and I was able to successfully execute these changes in my writing. The essay that reflects my writing the best would have to be my expository paper. I was able to construct an objective paper about what my future career goals and aspirations after college. I was able to tell what kind of individual I found myself to be and why I wanted to major in the field that I chose, I then was able to describe the various criteria that I would have to meet before being able to achieve this goal, for instance, I gave my view on the position about how social workers are often times under payed for the work that they do, but I was able to show evidence by incorporating the annual salary that they earn, which is not much compared to other …show more content…
My narrative paper, “You Are Not The Father” is about how my biological father decided not to be in my life for 10 years, then all of a sudden he takes it upon himself to make his way back into my life. It is a paper that tends to hit home for me, growing up I was labeled “another black child without father” which did not sit well with me, I did not want to be part of an ongoing statistic of black children who did not have their fathers in their lives, but it was inevitable. I learned that you cannot force someone to be somewhere they do not feel comfortable, regardless if it is their responsibility, if they want to leave then by all means, they will. I believe that he only started to maneuver his way back into my life because he realized he had nothing left, all he had was 6 children, 4 baby mothers and a job that paid slightly higher than minimum wage so he decided since I was the oldest, I’d be the one to lean on more so that the others due to the fact that I would start working soon and enter college. This stands out to me because, I realized that he tried to use me, not because I am his daughter but because, I had a lot going for myself and not because he wanted to be a part of my success but instead wanted to steal some of my success. This paper stands out to me the most because, it allowed me to open my eyes and realize that he was not

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