Rhetorical Analysis Of Gloria Steinem's Supremacy Crimes

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Looking back on the last four years of my life as a student of English, I have come to the conclusion that they were years well spent. Throughout these four years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that is indispensable, and will be of great value to me in the career path I am pursuing. I take pride in the fact that I am not just an English major, but have concentrated in Advanced Composition and Rhetoric. This sense of dignity; however, was not always at the forefront of my mind or even considered, for on more than one occasion I had doubts concerning the process, and even became somewhat antagonistic towards the requirements I had to take to complete the process. These feelings of doubts and antagonism stem from the …show more content…
Needless to say that I failed miserably at my first draft; it was not my style of writing. I was quite dejected when I received my graded work; I received a C, and my instructor had made numerous comments and recommendations in the margins, with a final note at the end of the last paragraph that she was willing to accept a revision. I laboured on the revision for an entire week, constantly reviewing my notes on the various key terms and points for analyzing arguments that my instructor had spoken about in class and. I was also required, further in the semester, to do an exploratory attachment of the article, by applying the Stasis theory and the Toulmin strategy in a bid to determine whether or not Steinem’s argument was valid. By the end of the end of the revision and the completion of the other paper, I had a better understanding of rhetorical strategies and what makes an argument valid. This experience was certainly my first introduction into the field of rhetoric and had to receive its due …show more content…
I was pulled from the section of the rhetorical arena that I just had begun getting accustomed to, to a different section, and it was on that premise that I included the Business proposal and Portfolio website. No longer was I able to just gather information from books in the library or articles online, but I had to call various major corporations and consult with their Public Relations department concerning the requirements a non-profit organization had to meet to be eligible to receive funding from them. Furthermore, this proposal was not just an ordinary class assignment, but one that would have been given consideration by the actual non-profit organization if they were satisfied with the end result. What had made this proposal even more tedious and such a lasting memory is the fact that it should have been a group project; however, up to the last day before the deadline I was the only one who had gathered the relevant. I had to eventually submit the information I had for the rest of the group. Certainly, for the effort I put into it and the means of getting it done, this proposal had to be included in my

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