Reflective Essay About My Last English

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Last year when I joined Columbus state Community College, the first thing that disheartened me was, I have to take three consecutive English classes. I am planing to join health care, and I will apply for Medical Imaging in 2016. Moreover all my education was from India; I had to complete ESL classes also. I was thinking really!! What are they going to teach me? Right now I am at the end of my last English class, which is ENG1100, and I can realize now why I needed all this classes. The four essays I wrote for ENG1100 were a big experience on different area of writing. I have learned to analyze, narrate, research before writing. The four essays I wrote were different from each other, and the difficulty level also varied in each one. This class made me confident in the formal writing field. …show more content…
I wrote about an experience from my high school life. I felt this was the easiest essay, and I had lot of opportunities to play with words. This essay gave me a chance to write something in a form of a play or drama. The drama form of writing was really very fun-filled experience. However stretching this narrative essay long was hard enough, and I had to write 750 words on a ten minutes event. One more problem which I have came across was which experience to choose from my life. Peer editing was really fun for this essay, I read two essays, and both of them had very funny experiences. I do not remember their whole stories right now, but peer editing helped me to improve my essay. After the peer editing I realized how can I give some extra description about a situation, which will help the reader to visualize my story. This was a story based essay assignment, and my job was to make the reader interested about my experience. This assignment also helped me learn to format

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