Dual Enrollment Essay

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High school is designed to prepare mature, young adults for college. Senior year, especially, may be the most difficult for students since their college years are approaching quickly. However, for most seniors, dual-enrollment is available during their high school years. Unfortunately, taking certain college classes while in high school could be very challenging. Since students are taking collegiate classes for the very first time, some may say that the students should receive a pass because they are dual-enrolled. However, there is no difference between taking college classes your senior year and taking them your freshman year at an institution. Receiving a “pass” only because students are dual-enrolled is highly unfortunate. To begin with, high school years are considered your best years that you will enjoy and remember. Most people believe that senior years should be relaxing and easy-going. The only thing seniors should worry and stress about is college and future plans, not academic classes. Usually, certain parents and teachers hate to stress seniors on their last year with a lot of work from their classes. The only problems teachers stress about are, senior trips, prom, senior prank, senior cookout, graduation, and college applications. To some, these aspects are actually amusing and exciting rather than …show more content…
Dual-enrollment is indeed very stressful to a student in his or her last year. However that statement is nothing but a plain excuse. Taking a dual-enrollment class actually helps rather than stress someone out. Taking these college classes while in high school makes it a lot easier for a student freshman year in college. In the future, a student can enter college as a sophomore just because of the dual-enrollment classes the student took their senior year. Proving why earning a pass is more fortunate for students than receiving it for an irrelevant

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