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  • Three Major Guidelines Of Report Writing In Criminal Justice Study Guide

    other people without them physically being present. Reports are written by various people. There are different types of reports such as law enforcement reports, security reports, correctional, and probation and parole officer reports. These reports have both operational and administrative purposes. For example, the operational purpose of law enforcements reports are documented actions that is taken by persons that has be involved in a crime, incidents or accidents. This information will later help the prosecutor decide whether or not an individual, and what charges the accused will be charged with if probable cause exist. Lastly, an administrative purpose of the report can be used to determine what types of administrative actions needs to be taken. This can include sending the reports to various agencies such as the FBI that gathers information for the Uniform Crime Report. (15…

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  • Anzaldúa Analysis

    volta or turning point. (English sonnet). It is also told in the first person singular where the speaker of the poem and main character are the same. Additionally, there are other unnamed individuals, who are more than one, but the speaker does not they how many. Thus, for the sake of the essay I decided to separate in two 1) the speaker/victim, who seems to be a transvestite: a homosexual man who works the street and identifies as a woman or feminine homosexual man. 2) the rapists: two or more…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Gift Of Magi And The Perfect Gift

    To begin with there are many similarities and differences in “the gift of Magi” and the “Perfect gift”. Each story has its strengths and weaknesses. After having to read and reflected on each story, I personally prefer to read ”The Gift of Magi” over the “Perfect gift.” In “The Gift of Magi” the point of view was third person limited. We know because, it was based on Della's point of view for the whole day. And also the readers had no idea what Jim (which is known as her husband) was…

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  • Magical Realism In Gabriel García Márquez's A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

    In Márquez’s short story, it is narrated from a third person perspective which is the unreliable narrator. Having an unreliable narrator can confuse the reader due to the fact that the narrator explains multiple perspectives. For instance, the narrator shifts from the villager’s perspective to Father Gonzaga’s perspective because some villagers think that “…he should be named mayor of the world” or “…he should be promoted to the rank of a five-star general in order to win all wars” (Márquez…

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  • The Importance Of Literacy Narrative

    How on this hellish earth could she ever write an a thousand words essay of her personal experience? Or at least that’s the gist that she got out of it as she didn’t completely understand what she should be doing. The girl then reread the sample literacy narrative provided by her professor, still struggling to understand the concept of what a literacy narrative is or how it should look like if she’s going to write one. Should she write in first person or third? The sample is in first person, but…

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  • Future Selves In Daniel Gilbert's 'First Person Plural'

    The future is something many of us think about but never never exactly know if it will turn out the way we want it too. People dread on how they think their future selves will turn out, because they want to be a success in their future or to see themselves accomplish a goal. Most individuals do not know how they should look at their future selves. Paul Bloom, the author of “First Person Plural” suggests that people should treat their future selves as someone they do not know yet because they…

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  • Summary Of Tim O 'Brien's The Things They Carried'

    Where they were marching was heavily wooded and surrounded by the Viet Cong. The people the American soldiers were trying to save were attacking them. This made things confusing for the soldiers and added more weight to the already heavy load they had to carry. Since they had more to carry it made it even harder to deal with the war. It was an endless cycle. The point of view of "The Things They Carried" was third person omniscient. O 'Brien used it to show how everyone felt throughout the…

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  • A Brief Summary Of David Shannon's Books

    to not worry about what others think but be yourself. Most of the plots are different when it comes to the definition of them. One of the books called How Georgie Radbourn Saved Baseball had a chronogical plot. He focused one made up time period and showed the period from baseball being banned to when it was able to come back. This was also a person-against-person plot. Two books that I read were the same plot when it comes to being Progressive plots. David Gets in Trouble and Good Boy Fergus!…

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  • Brutus's Virtue In Julius Caesar

    Within the play Julius Caesar, as an audience, we are asked to question every character’s virtue. As the play progresses these lines between good and bad men become increasingly blurred, making it harder for the audience to distinguish the wrong from the right. Ultimately it would appear that every character is filled with both evil and good and it seems as though throughout this play Shakespeare is trying to highlight the unrealism attached to such simplistic ideas. Within Medieval England…

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  • The Road Poem Annotations

    The poem opens introducing a long and dark street. The speaker walks through the street clumsily, stumbling around due to the darkness. He hears his feet on the stones and the leaves, but also hears someone else behind him. The person behind him is doing everything the speaker is doing, but when the speaker turns around, there is no one there. The speaker can’t see or make out anything, only his footsteps. He follows the endless street around its endless corners, and says that no one…

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