Gran Torino

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  • Conflict In Gran Torino

    The opening scene of Gran Torino introduced the conflicting relationship that the main character, Walt, had with his family members. This particular scene began in a church in which Walt’s wife’s funeral was being held. Walt watched as his grandchildren filed into the church to pay respect to their deceased grandmother. Contrary to displaying a comforting attitude toward his grandchildren, he stared at all of them in dismay as they each approached their seat inappropriately dressed for the funeral. However, his irritated facial expression transformed into an intense grunt as he watched as his granddaughter entered the church in bright colors and her stomach partially revealed. Walt’s son responded to his father’s nonverbal body movements by…

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  • Themes In Gran Torino

    The Neighborhood and the Problem The film Gran Torino is set in an urban neighborhood in what could be presumed to be Detroit, Michigan. It is clear from visual evidence presented in the film that the neighborhood has taken a turn from a once prosperous middle class suburb amidst the boon of a thriving motor company’s influence, to a poverty-stricken, immigrant dominated zone. Many scenes of the neighborhood throughout the movie lead the viewers through familiar sites of a poor ghetto: trash…

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  • Gran Torino Themes

    Gran Torino is a 2008 American film directed and produced by cinematic veteran Clint Eastwood, who also starred in the film. Clint Eastwood, a recognizable director and actor in Hollywood and political figure, has contributed to over 50 films over his career in Hollywood. Notable acts include Million Dollar Baby, which received the award for Best Picture of 2004 at the 77th Academy Awards, and American Sniper, which was nominated for numerous awards from the Academy Awards and various award…

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  • Prejudice In Gran Torino

    Race Relations within a Diverse Community The United States has been culturally diverse and unfortunately plagued with prejudice. Gran Torino analyzes how a man who went from majority to minority in the community views his changing world and adapts to the introduction of gangs, discrimination, and acceptance. The introduction of gangs leads to division within the community and creates a conflict Walt has not experienced before. Walt is already a very opinionated man when it comes to other…

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  • Gran Torino Analysis

    Gran Torino Film Analysis The film, Gran Torino, crosses so many lines in man’s inhumanity to man. The movie depicts realities for a variety of people and brings out truths that we are still faced with and forced to find ways to reconcile peacefully, or continue to experience worse consequences. This movie does express some hope for barriers to be absolved. I hope that somewhere, this resembles someone’s true story. Of the several cultural conflicts, the one scene that sticks out is Walt’s…

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  • Intercultural Communication In Gran Torino

    proliferation of any society. Lustig and Koester (2013) emphasize in their study that various forms and aspects of communication are deeply ingrained in culture. Beliefs, values, norms, and social practices of a culture may pose communication challenges to those of another culture. By having a clear knowledge in intercultural communications can resolve such conflicts. A good example of cultural patterns and communication is clearly represented in the film Gran Torino, which was starred,…

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  • Gran Torino: The Hmong Community Experience In Gran Hugnesium

    In Gran Torino, there are many occasions that the Hmong community experience in the Michigan. Gang activity and violence is one the major conflicts that the Hmong community experience. The Hmong gang harasses and promotes violence and theft towards the community. The Hmong also experience an absence of masculine figures. The absence of masculine figures contributes to the Hmong community being helpless and juvenile. Walt Kowalski becomes the outlet masculine figure of the Hmong Lor family. The…

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  • Gran Torino Film Analysis

    Gran Torino was released in 2008 and it was directed by Clint Eastwood, as he was also the main character. The main character Walt, as played by Clint Eastwood, befriends a young Hmong boy in what turns out to be a surprising relationship. This film portrayed a significant amount of historical trends of the 1960’s and 1970’s, and it represents certain cultural aspects that were present at the time with both the Hmong people and the average American white male. The Detroit that is portrayed in…

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  • Theme Of Racism In Gran Torino

    Gran Torino made its way onto the big screen in 2009. The main character, Walt, is a racist man who is not in favor of his neighborhood being replaced with people of other races. Being a veteran of the Korean War it bothers him having a lot of Asians moving into his neighborhood. His views of the other race begin to slowly change as he develops an unlikely friendship with the teens next door. This friendship is what turned him from an old grumpy racist into the neighborhood hero. This movie was…

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  • Gran Torino Ethics Analysis

    As the exemplar of professional conduct for social workers, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics exhibits stringent principles and responsibilities in the face of ethical dilemmas natural to interpersonal relationships within practice settings. In order to ensure quality of service toward clients while maintaining professionalism in correspondence with individual colleagues and agencies, the Code of Ethics describes a social worker’s fundamental values with a special…

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